How has your summer been, what have been the highlights?

My summer has been crazy! I just came back from Caleton Club in Oddesa, Ukraine. It was really good. And up next I have a big tour in Mexico and also many new releases  😉

How did you first get into dance music, what DJs, tunes, parties? Do they still inspire you now?

Well, I got into electronic music 20 years ago. I was making psy-trance music under the name “psycrafy”. After playing in all the biggest venues in the world every weekend for many years under my psy-trance alias I decided to take a break for a few years. Then I discovered Techno music that pushed me back into the studio 🙂

How hard was it to find your own sound? What is that sound? What are your personal favourite vibes?

I think Stylo sound is very unique. It’s kind of Melodic Techno but is more powerful on the dancefloor. I took the energy from my old dancefloor experience and updated it using a lower bpm. 

Tell us about your new track for PakPak Records – what inspired it?

In my new track “Anna” (released on PakPak) I wanted to create something with an oriental melody, but still able to keep the energy on the dancefloor. I hope I did well with it 🙂



There are plenty of melodies in the tune – are you formally trained or do you just experiment?

Well Stylo is known with melodies. I played the piano and the keyboard for many years so I really love melodies.

Do you build your sets in the same way you build your tunes? Are you a patient, slow release kind of DJ?

I believe that in today dj sets when you just have the time to play 1 to 2 hours you cannot build a story with the music. I used to play 80% original Stylo tracks .

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

My next release will be on armada in collaboration with AfterU . And after that many other surprises.


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