Hey RSlane, great to meet you! How are you right now, and how much are you feeling the Corona virus effect?


Honestly, it’s a strange and mixed feeling of sharing, obligations, hope and worry. It is indeed a special moment in a life where we are invited to question ourselves and make good decisions.


Tell us where and when you first heard dance music in Algeria – was it widely available?


Well I was about 16 and it was the only Techno DJ in Algeria at the time. His name was MOH TECHNO and god bless him. I still remember the title he played: “Sunclub Fiesta de los Tamborileros”.


How did you go from that to buying music, DJing, collecting records and producing? 


The majority of the purchases are made in Europe during my travels. Regarding of the production, I am part of the first generation of self-educated folks, but you know now with YouTube, there are plenty of tricks you can learn on the way. 


Is there a scene now, parties, DJs, labels? What is it like?


The local scene is in constant evolution, with the Duck-it night parties created back in 2013, we tried to change mentalities in order to bring people to learn how to appreciate good sound & good music. Hence, it is our duty as locals to grow that scene. 


How did you go from local hero to playing places like Ushuaia? What was that like?


As a result of my Duck-it night parties organized in Ibiza and Barcelona, I have been spotted to mix in Ibiza in the Pacha and Ushuaia space. Ibiza public is unique and amazing, the feeling to be in total symbiosis with the crowd is unspeakable! Speaking of that, we don’t even know if the next season will take place 🙁


What is the big sound in Algeria, what do people like most to hear?


Algerians are party-goers, it’s in the blood, they like all that grooves. Mainly, I would say all in between house and techno.


What is your sound, what styles and influences do you bring? Where do they come from?


My sound is a mix of all that influenced me during my life. For example in my drums you will always find breakbeat influences. Regarding my beginnings in turnblim, you can also find acid sounds with pad house. I think the title Makam Nation summarizes it well 🙂 


Tell us about your new one ‘Echoes from Algiers’ for Duck It Records – where and when did you write it?


Actually, it’s not a new Ep it’s the first one! For years, I have been looking, in introspection I didn’t want to bring a common stuff. Then by the beginning of the year 2020 I decided to get into it and released the first electronic music label in Algeria “Duckit Records”. Echoes from Algiers is a little hello to the world telling it “hey there is some good sound around here, out of my home studio” 🙂


What else have you got coming up?


By keeping a monthly consistency, I would spotlight local talents but also international ones.


What was the last record you bought and why?


It will maybe sound awkward but it’s the Beatles disc “Tomorrow never knows” a pure inspiration! Crazy bass that reminds me of Stimming. In fact i would delightedly play it for the next party…Inchallah.



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