How was your xmas break and New Years? Did you celebrate?

Had a very chilled one with my family back in London, was nice to go home and relax! 

What was the most important lessons to take away from last year and the pandemic?

That great things can come unexpectedly. Last year was one of the best in my career – I made a huge amount of music and pushed myself creatively in many directions. I also met some great people, and I’m now moving to New York to start a label with them!

Have you still been buying new club music ready for when you can play again?

Oh yes haha. Really can’t wait to play again, hopefully that’s sooner rather than later 🙂

Tell us about your love of William Gibson’s seminal Cyberpunk novel. 

The ‘Light Lines’ EP – and pretty much all forthcoming EP’s I have in the works for my Proximo project – have been inspired sonically and aesthetically by the genre of Cyberpunk. Mainly the novel Neuromancer for its depiction of the future, and the film Blade Runner for its score. Essentially this entire musical project is an attempt to recreate the vibe I feel when I’m experiencing these works of art.

How did it inspire this EP on Ad Astra?

Neuromancer is a very vivid book. Gibson really goes all in with his vibrant imagery; hallucinations, neon lights, drugs, movement, energy… Whenever I read this book I take in the atmospheres from different passages in the back of my head, and start making these tracks based off of that. I see it as a sort of reversed synesthesia – I’m putting into the music the colours and vibes I feel when I’m reading these passages.


What gear did you use to achieve this sound?

I get a few questions about this because apparently my music sounds quite analog – it is basically all digital. I used Serum and Omnisphere to create nearly all of the synths. I’m a mixing and mastering engineer by trade so I have a decent hang of getting my stuff to sound analog without actually using any equipment. I have some releases coming up which use a lot of analog gear though. My 4 track ‘Uncertain Future’ EP heavily features basslines made with the Moog Minitaur – it’ll be out in July!

Is it weird writing music without playing clubs? And without road testing them and getting feedback?

Very weird. My last gig was in Poland in October and I used that to test out all of these tracks. Was an outdoors event with social distancing but you can still tell what works and what doesn’t! It’s starting to hurt the way I work in the studio though. Really missing the wave of inspiration that comes from a night out…

What else are you working on?

Started working on an album. I have 3 more EP’s coming this year so I thought I would have a go at something long format – really love what you can make when you ignore rules of structure and timing that usually come with dance music. Starting some tracks off with just ambience is a nice change of pace to the usual four on the floor drums!

What do you think dance music and clubs will be like once we’re allowed to party again?

Hopefully the same as it was before. Watching videos of the festivals in New Zealand definitely gives me hope. My guess is when things fully reopen we’ll just slide back to partying – I can foresee a sort of roaring 20’s effect where people just go extra wild for a couple years. I definitely will! 


Proximo’s “Light Lines” is out now on Ad Astra

Grab it here