Peredel’s UFO Sound label has, until recently, been somewhat of an enigma, and not on the radar of most techno enthusiasts. However, initial sightings with their first official release have proven to be rather promising: two original productions from both Peredel himself and label partner Legroni, coupled with a compelling remix from Diynamic associate Tom Zeta.

We caught up with Peredel to learn more about the artist and his plans for the future.

How are you? How has your 2019 been so far?

All is good, still going! We are preparing to release a few more albums this year, and preparing a series of ufo parties all around the world.

You’re based in Moscow; what is the scene there like? Healthy and vibrant for both dancers but also DJs and producers?

Yes, every year techno parties in Moscow grow more and more popular, and there are more and more new DJs and producers

What clubs and parties inspired you when you were first getting into dance music?

For me the best one was and still is Pacha Ibiza club. The best sound system, best lights and best music. Especially the Solomun & Dixon parties.

Does Russia or Moscow have a certain sound, a specific style of music?

I’m not too sure, but I hope soon this will change.

Tell us about your latest new EP – what inspired or influenced it?

Me and my partner Legroni were inspired by the sounds that exist in nature, or rather their combination and relationship. We love the melody and harmony of both nature and analog synthesizers, so we decided to combine them, and make a space album. Big thanks for the great work from Tom Zeta as well. We are very satisfied and happy with his remix.

Do you use mainly software? Or do you have any hardware that you use?

We use both.

How do you prepare for your gigs? What influences your decision on what to play during your sets?

It depends on the place where I play. I try to understand beforehand what people will like and what will sounds good in the space. And then I improvise in the moment.

How important is it that the dance floor is an incubator of progressive and liberal ideals? Why is it the responsibility of dance music to set these precedents?

Yes, music greatly influences people’s minds. Music is needed to feel raw emotions, create vibes and to free people’s minds.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

We are working on new EP and are also preparing new ufo events.

What is your ideal party, crowd, location, or set time?

My perfect party is a party with happy people who love and understand techno music. with people who give you feedback when you play, no matter if it is 20 people or thousands of people. Set time is 3-4 hours minimum, I love to play long sets.

Download their latest release, Space Jam EP, from Beatport