How was your festive period? What did you get for xmas?

Our holidays was full of happiness because we spent more time with families and friends. After the festive period with delicious food, it’s time for detoxication. For Xmas we got new headphones 🙂

What new years resolutions did you set for yourself?

Definitely the main resolution is to finish tracks off which we are working at the moment and sign them for some of our favourite labels.

Another very important resolution is to prepare our live performance and test it sometimes in 2020…

How did you get into music in Croatia – was it easy to find parties?

We got into the electronic music through parties. It was easy to find parties in that time because the scene in Croatia was very strong, not like these days but still was alive. Music has always been part of our lives. Goran was a guitar player and Vice is a DJ since he was 16. We’ve been part of the same collective for a long time so at some point we decided to establish a new alias – Outcome.

What about buying decks, records and gear? Are there shops close to where you are? 

Unfortunately we don’t have record shops with this kind of music in Croatia, but these days we buy almost everything online 😉

For gear our favourite store is Thomann and for vinyl’s our favourite store is Muting The Noise in Berlin.

What do you make of all the festivals that have arrived in Croatia – is it good for your scene? 

This is definitely a good thing for the scene because the crowd can be up to date with a new “wave” of music. The only bad thing is that the scene is quiet during the winter, but thanks to a few collectives who keep the scene alive, we still have a scene. Ratcat collective from Šibenik is one of these collectives, they organise and host events on unique places and venues. One of our highlights in 2019 was b2b set with L.Klein at military Tunel. 

Tell us about your new EP for MoBlack – what inspired it – where was it written?

We are inspired with music from different genres and eras but in this period when we started this EP we listened a lot of classical music and of course discography from Hans Zimmer. His music is our biggest inspiration. This music somehow affected on us. This EP was produced at our home studio in Split. In this EP we combined percussive drums together with intense moody melodies. Tracks are perfect for playing in the sunset or sunrise, that is also reason why we gave these names : ’’Aurora’’ is sunrise and ‘’Occasum’’ is sunset. Big thanks to Mr Mimmo head honcho of MoBlack Records who recognised our work and signed our 2nd EP for his label.


What gear do you use, does that matter?

We like to combine everything from analog synths to digital plugins, but our main setup is Ableton Push + Moog 37 + Dave Smith and Nord Stage 3.

What’s next for you, what else are you working on?

We are working on new tracks : some really interesting collaborations and projects, but for now they are secret except a collaboration with mates from Simulation Records : AM:PM. We are working on something different and more downtempo from our usual sound, more info coming soon…

Should DJs worry about their environmental impact?

We only have one planet! Not only DJ’s… all of us have to take care more of our nature and environment. We have to protect and leave our planet to the new generations. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start to change yourself today.


Outcome’s ‘Occasum & Aurora’ EP is out on MoBlack Records on 24th January pre-order here


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