Hey guys, how has 2021 been for you both personally?

Hi guys, and thank you for having us in your publication, it’s a great honour to us 🙂

2021 has been a great year despite the whole madness going around the the pandemic, it has been the year where we have started performing under the name Night Stories, and the beginning of the new label and events we are doing in Madrid.

You’re based in Madrid, is that correct? How is the city right now and how close it to being back to the vibrant city it was pre-pandemic?

Yes we are both from Madrid, and we are now based here. Ioan has spent 10 years in Berlin but he is now back in Madrid to attend all the compromises we have here.

Nowadays the city is booming with lots of events and many top artists playing in here every weekend. Let’s hope for the best and let’s hope that things continue like this, as you’ll never know what’s coming. We are super positive though and we believe that things will continue in the safe zone and nightlife and events will continue as it is right now, which is even better than before the pandemic.

Why have you decided to start a new label “Opengate Society” and what is the vibe?

Well, we had that on our mind a while ago, during the worst times of the pandemic. At that time, we were doing many new tracks in the studio and decided we needed a great home for them, so we prepared everything in order to have the label running before the end of the year to couple it with the events we are now doing in Madrid.

For these events we are booking top name artists such as ARTBAT or Sven Väth, and we want to have an equally solid label. For now we have just one reference on the market and for it we have two outstanding remixers such as Petar Dundov and Oliver Winters, and a great collaboration with the Russian vocalist Eleonora. We feel that with them as our first reference was pretty well rounded and we’ll try our best to do the same for the next to come 🙂 

What inspired the first Kharma Ep? What was the vision?

Inspiration for this Ep and most of the tracks that we have done during the past year was taken from the artists we love and respect, from the labels we like and we play in our sets. We feel that we have a pretty defined and personal sound, which is a mixture of a melodic vibe with techno feeling..but our influences will be always imprinted in our work.

How did you chose the vocalist, did you meet in person or was it a cyber collaboration?

We have followed Eleonora’s evolution during the the last years and we always liked what she was doing with other artists that are not far from what we do, so we approached her with the intention of showing her our work and to see if she could get inspired by it. She replied the very same day saying that she would love to make a collaboration. The day after we had the vocals in our inbox, and we were so happy to see that they fitted the track marvellously. It was incredible to be able to make this happen in a matter of 2 days 🙂


What’s the thinking behind the remixers, how did you come to choose Petar Dundov & Oliver Winters?

They both are outstanding artists, and we followed their work for many years, especially Petar’s work. He is an incredible artist with a super personal sound, and we are super into it. Oliver is another great addition to the EP. He is a super talented producer with lots of great tracks and remixes in his portfolio, and we knew that having them both on the EP will give it another dimension and alot more complexity. They both have made a great work remixing the originals and we will be happy to have them again on the label in the near future.

What is the ideal way for you to spend New Years Eve, where and with who?

Well we love to spend that date with family but it’s normally a peak day for work, so we will be on the road most probably, which is always a great sign 🙂

What else have you got coming up that you would like to share?

We have lots of surprises and great things in the pipeline, but we don’t want to reveal them just yet. We are working on every front, bringing great artists to our events, signing great artists for the label, and working on our performances to give them a new dimension. We are pretty sure that 2022 will be a great year for Night Stories and OpenGate society 🙂


Night Stories EP “Kharma” feat. Petar Dundov & Oliver Winters Remixes released on Opengate Society is out now

Grab it Here