Emerging French talent Mood Gorning has shown us that he has a few tricks up his sleeve with his latest EP on Family Piknik. With relatively little known about this promising artist, we decided to have a chat with him about his influences growing up, his latest release, and his plans for the future. 

Download his latest EP, Eyes of Vali, over at Beatport 

How are you, how has your year been?

I’m fine thank you. Back in the mountains (Méribel in the french Alps) for five months and it’s pleasant to live and work here during winter.

I spent an amazing year between the end of my winter season, trips, music, studio (a lot of studio sessions!), new releases, friends, meeting, especially with the FAMILY PIKNIK crew. In a word, 2019, year of my 30th birthday, was particularly positive and constructive.

What scene did you grow up around, what parties, labels, DJs? Give us some back story on yourself 

First of all, music has always been part of my identity. My mum played piano and my father played guitar. So I’ve always had music as one of my favourite hobbies. I experimented with many instruments and opened my mind to several genres, from reggae and rock to hip-hop and electronic music. At 19, I had a big crush on M.A.N.D.Y when I saw them performing in Barcelona. Since then, I’ve focused my musical approach on electronic music, and got to know labels like Keinemusik, Visionquest, Hot Creations, and DJs like Damian Lazarus, and Sven Vath, who remain a true inspiration for me as a DJ. 

What sounds most excite you and why?

Currently, I’m into a kind of spiritual electronic music, with mental and ethnic influences. I love thinking and contemplating, so I try to inject that in my tracks. There are many labels and artists who reflect my vision, so I feel like not being alone in this path. 

What’s your artist alias all about?

Haha ! Mood Gorning is simply a tricky interpretation of “Good Morning”. It’s common to say Good Morning and I found it funny to play with two words everyone knows. For me it was just a fun nickname, but recently my brother found out that “Gorning” has a meaning for astrologists. – it links to people who have something with number 3, which underlines creativity, sensitivity and sociability… that’s all me !

What are your aims as a DJ and producer? What do you want to say, convey, what do you want to do to the crowd?

Like I said, music has always been part of myself, DJing is a good way to express myself. I’ve been a resident DJ for 8 years now, I really love it. Half of the year, I love composing in my studio, too. But my biggest joy remains in making people dance. I love interacting with them, giving them the energy back through the music that I mix. 

What inspired your new EP on Family Piknik?

I’m very happy to release my first solo EP with Family Piknik because we now have a solid relationship. Eyes of Vali is a reflection of my identity and my feelings about me as a tastemaker. It’s somewhere in between afro-house and ethnic vibes with a catchy dancing hook. On the other track, ‘Flying Whales’, I go deeper with more psychedelic techno. It’s always hard to put labels on my music, though… 

They are emotive and layered with melody – is that important to you in dance music?

Exactly! I focus on my emotions when I compose my tracks. For me, it’s the real core of music. That being said, I don’t necessarily link emotions with melodies. According to me, emotions can also be shared through a rhythmic loop or a groovy bass line. 

How much is sampled vs played? Are you formally trained at all?

I do use a few samples but it depends on my mood and my inspiration. On Eyes of Vali, you have this ethnic vocal sample that builds up this special atmosphere. But as I’ve played music since I’m a child, it helps me a lot not to cheat on my music. I love jamming on my machines and I can search for the best melodies, the right chords, during hours without getting bored. I’m sure it’s a force to have this long-time musical training in me.. 

What else are you working on/looking forward to?

I’m about to start a new winter season in the French Alps (Meribel) as a resident DJ. I worked a lot in the studio these past months and I have several tracks ready to be released, too. I have some releases on Monada Project and Visile Records in the pipeline, as well as some collabs with my close friends Pontias & Albanø. Also, as I feel like a real member of the Family Piknik crew, I’m sure it’s gonna be a busy year !

What new years resolutions will you set?

Keep on working and developing my artist profile, buy a new pre-amp, get time to play Call of Duty, enjoy life and be kind with everyone 🙂