Hey Roberto & Gaetano! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How has your year been so far?

Hi, thank you! 2022 was an important year for us, in January we joined the IMPRESSUM family, the Fideles label, and in the summer we were guests of great events, sharing the stage with Tale of Us, Paul Kalkbrenner, Mathame, Agents of Time, etc.

Tell us more about your new EP «Back To Dance» on Harabe. What was your inspiration behind this EP?

The idea of ​​Back to Dance was born spontaneously during the full lockdown period due to Covid where all the clubs in the world were closed. Along the way, we were lucky enough to meet the talented artist Nemila with whom a beautiful collaboration was born. Together we’ve incorporated the displeasure of imprisonment mixing it with the desire of all clubbers to go “Back to Dance”, and this is the result, melodies that give us hope and desire to take back what everyone has been missing our life!

«Tell me» – the second track on this EP was made in collaboration with a talented singer/songwriter Nemila. How did you meet and what was your experience working together? 

The meeting with Nemila was casual because we happened to hear one of her performances and we were immediately struck by her voice. It didn’t take long to realize that we could create something cool together, and thus the track “Tell Me” was born.

In what circumstances were you first introduced to electronic music, and what were some of your early influences in the genre? 

Roberto: There is a generational difference between me and Gaetano, I was born in a period in which the evolution of electronic music was very intriguing, I’ve always been a lover of music in general, but I was attracted to following those who dared, who experimented. I listened to different genres, from Led Zeppelin’s Hard Rock to Depeche Mode’s Electronic Rock. Then Kraftwerk, the development of sequencers, the sounds of Giorgio Moroder, and the sets of Frankie Knuckles, brought me artistically closer to this world.

Gaetano: One thing we have in common is that our families are made up of musicians, consequently we grew up on bread and music. Especially my grandfather, a radio deejay, immediately indoctrinated me in electronic music navigating between Daft Punk, and Eurythmics passing through The Chemical Brothers.

What does your studio setup look like? 

Our studio is minimally set up, for listening we use Adam and Dynaudio, and we’ve got various machines like Moog, and Arturia, but lately, we’ve been using the ASM Hydrasynth keyboard, and the ELEKTRON Digitakt drum machine a lot.

What instruments and/or plugins do you believe define your sound? 

We like to define our sound as “Experimental” as we work hard to find the perfect sound that can blend perfectly with the idea that inspires us at that moment. In addition to the machines mentioned above, we use very few VSTs because we like to create sounds from scratch, consequently, the name of the VST is not important, but it’s one composed of several oscillators, which makes it more customizable, for example, Diva, Serum, Reaktor, just to mention the most popular of the moment.

How do you judge the success of your music? What makes you realize you have made a good tune?

We believe that what has been done so far is just enough, we’re working hard to improve in all aspects, but regardless, if a melody stays in your mind even after so many days, it means it’s the right one!

What was your highlight gig this year? 

Although being part of the lineup of the Afterlife event by Social Music City was an indescribable emotion, the most important concert of 2022, for us, was the Galactica Festival at Parco Gondar, where we performed before and after Paul Kalkbrenner in front of an audience of ten thousand people.

What can people expect from Moeaike in the near future? 

We close this year with this EP on Harabe, but 2023 promises to be a very important year from all points of view, so stay tuned because we’ll start 2023 with some news!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thank you! Before leaving we want to thank all those who have supported us and will continue to do so, but above all we’d like to thank those who have believed and continue to believe in the Moeaike project! See you soon. Bye

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Moeaike – Back To Dance EP (Harabe)