Hey Massimo, how are you, how has the last year been?

Hi, nice to be here. I’m fine thanks. Last year has been really difficult for the reasons that everybody knows but I had also good times.

 What did you learn about yourself, what were the good and bad bits of the lockdown?

I had the chance to be alone with myself and this sometimes doesn’t make me happy, but it helped to find a good inspiration for new music. Best moments have been the end of the first lockdown, at the beginning of the summer and all june, july and half august when I could play, see people, friends, everybody dancing in front of me. We thought and hoped that the situation was turning normal but was not and it was a really mental suffering to come back to a new lockdown.  

You started music young right, tell us how and when and what you played?

I started at 13 years old simply doing parties with friends. Being born in the 60s, Disco music was clearly my favourite genre to play. I used to play tracks like Chic – Le Freak, Rasputin – Boney M or Don’t let me be misunderstood – Santa Esmeralda & Leroy Gomez and lots of other cool tracks. Outside I listened to The Police, Genesis, Dire Straits, Eagles and Queen; I adored their melodic songs. 

How long until you discovered electronic music, what sounds, parties, labels?

I never stopped to listen music and I discovered lots of genres and artists during the years. Since around 3 years I listen artists like Joachim Pastor, NTO, Kidnap, Yotto, Ben Böhmer and many more and labels like Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream and Afterlife Records. But the real discovery of electronic music started with I Feel Love from Giorgio Moroder, so we talk about long long time ago.

What is the scene in Italy like, what sounds are popular, what are crowds like?

Italian people dance on lots of genres, being a latin country the first requirement on a party is that the mood is happy and fun. Actually, before this pandemic situation, lots of venues were Reggaeton and Hip Hop oriented, some commercial and some clubs never changed the sound and were still underground with Tech-house and techno music, but too very few compared to the past.

What are your favourite venues to play, what time, what sort of sounds – like peak time in a dark space or more outside in the sun?

My favourite genre is Melodic Deep Techno, as I like to call it, and the best for me is play in the early evening till the sunset during summer days, especially in front of the sea. I’ve played also in dark clubs during nights, clearly. The feelings during a dj set are the same, also after sunset. 


Tell us about your new ep on blackboard – what inspired it?

I’m really happy to release this EP on Blackboard. The inspiration came from years of sounds that entered inside me and it was easy to compose these two tracks having so many inputs in mind.Titles Marsic and Lilii Borea are stars names that represents some special people that now shine in the sky. Everything become easier when surrounded of love.

How did you link with the vocalist and who wrote the lyrics – are their content important or is it more about the sound?

I was looking for the right vocals on this track. Something smooth, dreamy but with character and while looking around some friends of mine did speak to me about Hattie Snooks and her charming voice. They did put me in touch with her, I sent her the track and she sent back to me some lovely vocals. I have edited them a little and added to the track. She wrote the lyrics and I like them, but here it’s also really important the sound and tone of her vocals. It give to the track exactly what I was looking for.

What else have you got coming up for 2021?

This year will be a very important and special one for me. 

I’ll release more than 10 tracks as part from Marsic and Lilii Borea and all will have a star’s name as title. I’m curious from people’s reaction listening to my new music, because it’s an innovative genre. The certain thing is that I’m happy and this comes first of all. 

Thanks for having me, really pleased to talk about my projects with you. 

Keep in touch guys! 


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