How has 2019 been for you so far?

Marco AS: 2019 has been busy. I have been working a lot on my music, I am still trying to find myself again as an artist. 

Some time ago I left my other project “Click Box”; I was one of the founding members and worked under its name for ten years. I decided I had to leave and pursue the music I like, you know. I am not a DJ. So I had to follow a much more musical path. I also started a project called “Bleeping Sauce” together with my longtime friend Eli Iwasa. Now I have come to the music that I can call my own: “ Marco AS”.

Besides the music, I’ve been dealing with some personal matters. In July 2019 I had a second vascular accident. I had one in 2011 during Click Box. I also had a heart attack in 2014 also during Click Box. So now I am facing some demons. Learning how to be a normal and healthier person.

Tell us how you first got into dance music, where and when?

I got into electronic music around 1987. I was eleven years old, here in São Paulo Brazil. I was learning piano since I was five and got hooked by bands like Depechet Mode, New Order, The Cure, Front 242 and Section 25. In 1994 I was playing with my first band (can’t remember the name), a kind of The Cure mix with Depeche, New Order and Front. 

Later in the end of 1995, me and 2 friends Fabiano Zorzan and Leo Leite got together with a longtime DJ friend from São Paulo named Luis Campos. He was the resident DJ at the Limelight club here at the time and we formed a band called “Influx”.

Why did you want to make music, play records? The fame, the feelings, as a release, what?

I want to make music because that’s what I am. I make music,  don’t play records. I am not a Dj. Fame? Never wanted fame. I make music because it’s a disease I guess. it’s part of me, a necessity! If tomorrow I’ll have no money or I’ll be living under a bridge, I’d still be doing the same thing.

What makes you, you? What is your own musical personality in the booth and the studio?

I guess that I never wanted to copy anybody, I just make what I feel is real, truth. Of course I like music so you will always find something that sounds similar to what I like. Its natural and unconscious, but it’s me. I’m not a performer, a musical virtuoso, but I will be real.

How did you link with DOC Records? Did you send them demos?

Gui is my friend since 1993. We have friendship and history together. We have worked together along the years producing for a record label too. When I was working on my own music, trying to rediscover myself as a composer, producer and artist, I showed it to him. He is the only one that makes music the exact same way I do and almost thinks the way I do. We are very natural and comfortable together. So he said: “Let’s put this out, I believe you reached the point where you wanted to be musically”. I have already released 2 tracks previously on D.O.C. with pseudo M.A.S. : “True Heart” (single) and “Driven by You” featured in the D.OC. Magnum Vol1 compilation – It was a great feedback.

Now Multiple Dividers EP including the self-title track, *Still* and also an amazing edit of *Multiple Dividers* from my brother and L_cio (also DOC artist). I am lucky to have in this new project release 2 amazing music videos: “Still” directed by my lovely friend Pietro Sargentelli and Multiple Dividers (L_cio & Massumi Cello Edit) by Felipe Fonseca. DOC Records is like a real family to me!



Did you make music specifically for that label? Or do you just do what you do?

No, I just make what I do. I could never work on music like if it was a normal job, because it’s not 🙂

I sit and create what is born. Don’t force or overthink anything.

What is your aim when making music? Do you have a certain sound, style or mood you try to capture?

I tend to try and make things kinda post punk but beautiful and dirty at the same time. 

I Like atmosphere, ambience, space and air inside the music.

What else have you got coming up?

I have been working on my live set. Really want and need to play live again. 

My album is on the works, I have been working on more than 200 songs. Gui and I went over them and decided that we didn’t want to rush it, so we can make a beautiful work, then we came with an idea to put an EP out first. Otherwise I would have got crazy. For real!

If you hadn’t been a DJ and producer what do you think you would like to have done?

Perhaps work with design. Furniture, objects, clothes. Or food!

What hopes, goals and dreams do you have for your career?

Not much really, I Just want to be able to keep doing the music that I believe in. Play live with it, that’s what I’m missing the most. I need to live that exchange between my music and the people on the dancefloor, dancing, listening, feeling. And just be able to live my life from what I do.


Marco AS new EP “Multiple Dividers feat. L_cio & Massumi Cello Edit” will be released the 9th September on D.O.C. Records


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