Linus Beatskip is a techno DJ and producer from Sweden who has a dark and driving sound. His style is similar to others such as Thomas Schumacher and Julian Jeweil who share his invigorating vibe and explosive energy.

Not only is he a music creator, Linus Beatskip is also a record label owner who heads up Beatskip Records, which is the outlet for his new single ‘Phantom’. Excited to learn more about his new release, we invited Linus Beatskip for this interview…


Hi Linus, it’s great to be talking with you, could you start by describing your music in your own words?

I try to combine the rough and heavier elements of my sound with a floaty and airy vibe. I strive to create a unique and dynamic sound that captures a listener’s attention and takes them on a musical journey.

My production style is marked by an attention to detail and a desire for perfection. I can literally spend hours adjusting tiny details, such as kick drums and snares in order to craft a sound that feels and sounds like nothing else. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques to achieve the perfect mix of dark and light elements in my music. It can be quite exhausting at times but I can’t stop myself.

I also draw inspiration from many different genres of music. In my search for the right combination of sounds, I often find myself trying to combine the characteristics of each genre in order to get a well-rounded and unique mix. You can hopefully hear the different elements that might be associated with other genres.

Each track I produce is like a story, and each sound I add is like a character in that story. Every individual element of the mix should work together to create a unique texture that can be tasted, touched and felt. I aim to be in full control of the emotional journey I take my listeners on. My hope is for you to experience something new each time you listen to the same track.

I work with the intention to make my music exciting, engaging and emotionally powerful. By playing with light and dark elements, I try to create a unique and dynamic soundscape that hopefully moves and captivates you. I love all the details in a track and I do my best to ensure that there is something special in each of my tracks.


What part of the world are you from, and has your hometown had any influence on your style?

I grew up in Veberöd, which is a small town outside of Lund in the south of Sweden, and living there definitely had its advantages. The close-knit community was a safe space that allowed those of us growing up there to be creative and pursue our dreams. Despite its small size, the town was conveniently located near Malmö and Copenhagen, so I could easily explore different worlds and styles of music.

My fondest memories of Veberöd were of small summer gatherings in the nearby forest. My childhood was full of effortless outdoor activities: skateboarding, mountain biking, building campfires, listening to music, and trading stories with friends to exercise our creative spirit. It was a place that allowed us to expand our horizons and provided a safe place to express ourselves. The same kind of creativity was also fostered by the synth-pop sounds that could be heard on the radio. Fortunately, I had grown up in an environment that triggered my curiosity and technological development.

I was lucky to have my father, a professor at Lund University, who worked with Apple Computers and many other amazing projects. It was because of him and my mother that I had opportunities to travel, to explore the world, and to discover new music in other parts of the world. This was made even more possible because my family was tech-savvy, which allowed us to experience the best parts of other places and cultures from the safety and security of our small hometown.

However, the most memorable part of Veberöd, was the sense of freedom it gave us. We had a unique freedom to explore, experiment, and grow, which I believe is unique to a small rural town. We were able to do things that not everyone in our community did, and this gave us more of a feeling of independence and exploration.

Today, it’s wonderful to look back and reflect on the advantages of growing up in Veberöd. It’s amazing to see what my peers have gone on to achieve, and I’m proud to have been part of such a creative environment of driven people. While I’ve moved on to other places, I’ll always have fond memories of my childhood in this small town.

My story is testament to the power and passion of a curious and motivated mindset. All it took was the right environment, and the right people, then soon enough I was on a mission to master every technology I could get my hands on. I am grateful for those who believed in me and allowed me to grow my passion.


Tell us about your record label Beatskip Records, as I’d love to know more about the music you have released, and why you decided to launch it?

Creating my own record label has always been a dream of mine. It has been something that has allowed me to take control of my artistry in a way that simply was not possible before. With my own label, I am able to be in charge of every aspect of my music, from releases to promotions and distribution. It is an amazing journey to be able to have full control, but it also comes with a surprising amount of work.

You can also use a label to express more than just your music. You’re free to create unique artwork, and videos that bring out the emotion of your music in a new way. You also develop more meaningful connections with your fans and followers by giving them a deeper look into the creative process behind the tracks.

In the beginning, I really didn’t know exactly how much work it would be, but although learning and exploring is fun, it can also be exhausting. It has been far more work than I first anticipated, but it’s been a very rewarding process. The work of getting my music out into the world and reaching out to people on social media never seems to be done. There is also the endless cycle of promotion and distribution.

With all this extra work, I now understand why labels, promoters and distribution services charge the fees/percentages that they do. I’ve learned that it is a lot of effort to run a successful label, and appreciate the expenses that come with this responsibility, as running a label requires a lot of dedication and resources.

Despite the additional work, I am starting to see the fruits of my labour from launching my own label. I have full control to express my music in ways beyond just producing the music. Using graphics, videos, and other promotional materials, I am finally able to bring my own unique sound to the world.

This is why I believe that creating your own label is one of the best decisions a musician can make. It takes dedication and hard work, but it is worth it. With the right amount of effort and enthusiasm, starting your own label can give you a great sense of accomplishment. You can create your unique path, and have full control over your artistry, which it is an invaluable experience that I am sure will be worth it in the end.


I can see that you release your own music exclusively on Beatskip Records, but I wanted to know if there are any other record labels you have plans to work with?

Releasing music on other record labels has always been a goal of mine. I am excited for the opportunity to do so now that I have my own label established. It has opened up a lot of possibilities for me to create new music and share it with an even wider audience.

There are many great labels out there that I would love to work with. Drumcode, Terminal M, Say What?, 1605, and Reload are just some of the labels that I’d love to collaborate with. Each of these labels have a solid foundation and great music to offer. When it comes to releasing music on other labels, I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

I’m very selective and would only consider working with the right labels for my sound that will open up a new world of possibilities for me as an artist. I am excited to continue working towards this goal, and hopefully have some of my music featured on some of these labels soon!


On the subject of Beatskip Records, you are soon releasing your new single ‘Phantom’ via the label, and I’d love to know more about that track?

I am thrilled to present my newest track, “Phantom,” as it’s been a journey of a year that has finally resulted in this amazing track. It’s often said that music is a timeless art form, and it’s something that artists strive to perfect both on a creative and a technical level. This has certainly been the case with the production of Phantom.

The idea behind Phantom was to create something thrilling and immersive while still being intriguing. With this in mind, I set out to craft a track that included powerful vocals, strong visuals, and a driving tempo. I made sure to work with a variety of sounds and wavetables in order to create an atmosphere that would take listeners on a journey.

My aim for this track was to make sure that people couldn’t get enough of it; I wanted the frequencies to be perfectly balanced and to give listeners a need to come back and listen more. I took my time on this project, finessing the details over days and hours, in order to ensure that the track was exactly how I wanted it.

I chose to go dark and driving, with the intent of Phantom to make it a provocative and spine-chilling experience. I took breaks in order to gain new perspectives, and come back to the track with fresh ideas. After countless hours of work, I believe I have achieved what I set out to do.

Phantom has received lots of support and many positive bits of feedback from people I respect within the techno scene. The track has certainly lived up to my expectations, as the support has been increasable.

Hopefully, Phantom will continue to be a success and help inspire other artists to push their own boundaries. I believe that music is something that should be shared, and I want my track to be something that people keep coming back to for a long time.


Talk us through your studio set-up and if you prefer hardware or software equipment?

Like many other producers, I love hardware, and the feeling of making physical movements with my hands that translate to changes in sound.

In the studio, I also work with both FL Studio and Ableton as my DAW, and also use loads of VST’s that give me a lot of possibilities. As a producer, you have to learn about a lot of virtual plugins and synthesisers, which can be very time consuming and sometimes a little frustrating. I do also have a couple of analogue sequencers and synthesisers that I like to use. I have to say, that there are so many great VSTs that you don’t actually need hardware, but there is no feeling like turning knobs or moving faders by hand, and being able to feel the change in sound.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the studio for hours when you are only tweaking one specific sound, as sometimes you can lose sight of the big picture, but each sound has to be perfect.


What have you got planned for the coming months, any exciting gigs or releases planned?

There are some exciting days ahead! This might be published while I’m actually travelling, but next week I’ll be at the Amsterdam Dance Event, which is going to be huge! I’ve got lots of meetings and activities to look forward to, and those will likely help shape the coming months of my career.

I’m also proud to announce a few projects that I’ve been working on. The first is an EP with some other producers, which is a follow-up to one of my earlier releases. It’s four different collaborations that started out as remixes, but progressed into something quite different. We’re expecting the EP to be released at the end of December or early January, but the exact date is yet to be scheduled.

I’ve also been busy arranging some gigs, but have dedicated most of my time to making music in the studio. These are exciting times, and I can’t wait to show the world what I have in store. So, make sure to follow me on social media for all the updates and releases.


Thanks for taking the time to do the interview, is there anything you would like to add before we finish?

Yes! I’ll soon be launching Beatskip Gear, which is a clothing range I would describe as, “Streetwear for Savages.”

Beatskip Gear is inspired by my experience in the fashion industry, as I’m also a professional visual designer, and my goal is to create affordable streetwear with attitude and style.

With the initial launch, I’ll be introducing a small and limited collection of hoodies and t-shirts. My vision is to have a larger collection for next season with a few other clothing types. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the design, materials, and craftsmanship to provide quality streetwear with a little something extra.

This collection is all about making a statement. The oversized tops and bottoms are perfect for adding extra volume and texture to your outfit. The distressed elements create outfits with an edgy and unique look that will make the you stand out from the crowd. The washed elements provide an effortless look that is perfect for casual, everyday outfits. Rough edges complete the look and add a touch of attitude to the design.

My vision for Beatskip Gear isn’t limited to just clothing. I want to create a lifestyle brand that represents the attitude and values of streetwear culture. I also want to build a community around Beatskip Gear, so everyone feels like they belong and can express themselves through the clothing.

Buy a copy of ‘Phantom’ from HERE.