Barcelona-born DJ Lexlay has been making steady movements for the last few years. Through his own label, Happy Techno Music, he has worked with the likes of Javi Colina, Alex Wellmann and QUOXX, as well has put out his own releases, all of which have proved he is a force to be reckoned with in the tech house scene.

We caught up with him to learn more about his career so far, and to find out what is yet to come.


How are you? How was your summer?

I’m really well, thanks, the summer was really cool and very busy – I think it was the best summer of my career, lots of places visited, and a lot of nice people met.

What was the last record you bought?

Matt Sassari – Put The Record On. Really fresh and cool track, perfect to shake up dance floor.

Tell us about your own label, Happy Techno Music. What were some of your intentions behind setting it up?

Happytechno Music Label was created 6 years ago. Last month we celebrated the 100th release with a big party in Barcelona, which was alongside Stefano Noferini, Oscar L, Ray Okpara, Elio Risso and many more.

The label was started 6 years ago, because I felt the need to create my own sound and share this sound with other artists. I also wanted to giver other artists the space to publish this kind of sound.

Are you a happy person generally?

Yes of course, I try to be happy always, because life is a god’s gift. Sometimes I feel sad, as does everyone, but in general I try to be positive and focus on what I love – music, and sport!

Whats the scene in Barcelona like? What sounds are popular?

The scene in Barcelona is very powerful with lots to offer. Every week there are at least 2 or 3 top names in the electronic music industry playing. The popular sounds are Techno, Tech House and House music.

What DJs and parties first inspired you growing up?

My inspiring artist where Carl Cox, Umek, Ben Sims and Technasia, and my inspiring parties where Revolution by Carl Cox in Space Ibiza and all the parties that where made in Ibiza, plus the festivals like I Love Techno, Mayday or even Monegros.

Are there any particular DJs or labels from the city that you’re feeling at the moment?

One of the labels that I am feeling at the moment is La Pera Records, they are doing a very good job. And a DJ that I feel confident in and for me has great music culture, awesome skills and is an overall great person is Shitake, the other resident of Happy Techno.

How did your weekly party at City Hall come about?

Happy Techno is a party that started in St.Cugat, the town of my parents, 12 years ago, as a nomad party. Then one day we received the offer to host a night at Barcelona City Hall, and after the success of the first party in there, the club offered us a weekly residency.

Any particular highlight moments from previous parties?

There are a lot of highlights that I remember. When we celebrated the 250th party of Happy Techno in City Hall Barcelona, without doubt this was one of the best highlights.

You have new music coming up on Criminal Hype – what inspired or influenced it?

I’m still working on this upcoming release and many more for UK’s labels , cause I think that now my sound fits very well with the UK. The scene is very powerful there, and I think I may have a lot to offer.

You also have a tour coming up in South America – what are you expecting? Have you been before?

I started to go to South America one year ago, the atmosphere there is very special and powerful. This next tour will be amazing for sure!

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’m working on music for many international labels and Happy Techno Music as well, and also preparing myself for Europe’s tour this October and November around France, Germany, Romania, Bulgary, Finland, The Netherlands and Spain.My South America includes dates in Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Perú and maybe some more that we are working on.

Download his latest EP on Materialism over at Beatport