Hey Legroni, how are you?

Good thank you, I’ve been working hard but also enjoying summer 🙂

What’s the aim with your label Zoom Zoom Records  – what music do you look to put out? What do you want it to be known for?

We release music for the soul that you want to listen to even after many years and shall stand the test of time. This is not an easy task for such a musical direction, but everything is moving very well.

How do you judge success, is it by sales, high profile support, or do you only care about you liking the music?

First of all, of course, I myself should enjoy the track as it is a part of me. Then the reaction of people and after the support from strong producers is always nice of course too. 

Tell us about the best and worst bits of running a label?

The best moments are in the creation of the track itself. The whole process I love, creating something from scratch and writing each track in harmony with the other creating a balance of the melody. The worst is the release and PR, I don’t really like this drag but I know it is of course part of the process 😂

How important is artwork, format, merch, that sort of thing, or is it just about the music?

Very important, the style and look of your track is your face and even some part of the culture of your direction. The music, together with the visual, should be combined.

How do you evolve the sound of a label while staying true to the OG sound and not jumping on new hype bandwagons?

You just don’t need to cling to hype, create what is in your heart, that’s all, and be sure of what you are doing and enjoy it yourself.

And your latest “Taurus” EP – what was the inspiration behind that?

To be honest, I don’t even choose specifically the names of tracks and albums. Then the first thing that came to mind is what I remember, why and from what, I don’t know myself, but I trust this and the Taurus album is no exception, inspired by moments from the life of the album.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2022?

Full of surprises! But lots of exciting things to mention 🙂


Legroni EP “Taurus” is out now on Zoom Zoom Records

Grab it here