How are you, what’s good in your world right now?

We’re great thanks! Berlin is just being hit by another heatwave so everything you do feels a bit like a vacation – so absolutely nothing to complain about!

Why call yourself Immature? Do you not take life too seriously?

We do share a passion for all kinds of silly jokes – we have tried taking life very serious, it just didn’t work so well for us.

If you meet us in person you’ll see why the name fits so much. 

What about music, do you think the scene takes itself too seriously?

It’s a great culture! In between all this business side of it, there is still a lot of idealism and people having each other’s back. 

So it’s definitely about more than just music! But some do take it a bit to religiously, with this “all black” dress code and attitude to not laugh or have any fun when they are in a queue in front of a club for example.

But if this makes people happy we are happy too!

How did you guys first meet, where and when?

Kai: We met 5 years ago at Riverside Studios in Berlin, I was a resident there with Smash TV and Michael was the studio manager.

Michael: Yes, if I remember right, it even began with a silly joke when they moved into their studio. I guess we had a great connection from the moment we met.

Why make music together? Whose idea was it? How did it go?

Kai: At a friends birthday party a while ago we played a spontaneous DJ set together which was super fun, and then kept in the back of our heads to do something together.

Then Michael had a ton of ideas and when we wanted to finalize some of them together, we realized we were on the same page musically. We did a bunch of tracks together and created Immature!

Michael: There were some great back to back moments as well at Kater Blau for there Smash TV birthday and at Sisyphos, when was supposed to play right before them and we spontaneously decided to go b2b for 8 hours instead of playing a 4 hour set each. We really click in the booth and in the studio, so we decided we had to start something. 

You are older than your average house outfit – have you had careers before this?

Kai: That’s true, as Action Bronson said: “I’m not exactly flawless but I’m gorgeous!”

For the past 8 years I was the other half of Smash TV together with Holger Zilske. Before that I worked for Germany’s most loved bank, which I don’t necessarily want to name here, while getting into producing and DJ’ing on the side.

Michael: I was a superstar in sales before and world famous bedroom DJ too. I have another project called “Monello” which I started in 2016, but my focus now is shifting on Immature.

Who brings what to the table?

Well, we both do everything. Kai brings a lot experience and creativity, which helps a ton. Michael brings freshness and a limitless attitude. 

That’s a great combo! When you meet in the middle, it creates a great balance and productivity.

Tell us about your new EP on Wow – what inspired or influenced it?

This EP represents what we like to drop when the club is already exploding!

What we did here is just something that we enjoy playing ourselves a lot. It’s supposed to transmit our idea of a great summer tune. We are super happy that our dear friend and amazing producer Daniel Stefanik remixed one of the tracks and adds his remarkable unique style to make the package complete – we really love his remix!



When you DJ do you go back to back, one each, or how does it work?

Yeah we play one each, unrehearsed and we never know what the other is gonna play.

Michael: Sometimes I play two tracks, cause Kai has to pee a lot, haha.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

There will be a second EP on Wow! Recordings in October. We are very grateful that Mar-T and Luca Donzelli to have trust in our music and provide us a platform to release it. We are huge fans of the label too, we play the music a lot and we look forward to many more projects together.

For ADE we will have one track on a VA of Under No Illusion Recordings – Illusuionists Vol.4. We are really happy about it too. It’s a great label and Ki Creighton leading it very professional and successful. 

We have a lot of tracks finished and will send them out to the labels we want to release on, so expect a lot more music soon.


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