How are you, where are you both, how has this year been overall?

We are doing as well as can be expected. We are both in Los Angeles and making the most of the pandemic. Looking back on everything, the pandemic forced us to slow life down and examine it on the most micro level. This year we grew tremendously in areas that we normally would not focus on. 

When did you first meet? How was it?

We met 4 years ago backstage at a festival and started to make music together around August 2020. We both have been making music in excess of 25 years.

Did you start working together immediately? Why did you think it would work?

Our musical visions definitely lined up. From there everything else just fell into place. It just worked. We try to make music that we would listen and dance to. When that is the goal it becomes a lot easier. Instead of getting caught up with the details, we try to simplify and focus on the fact that the only thing that matters is the emotions that the sounds evoke. 

Who does what? Like does one do bass, one keys etc? Do you each have your own respective skills you bring?

We both kind of do everything. We work separately on a particular track and upload new versions of the track that we are working on. Then we eventually finalize the track together at either of our studios. 

And musically do you have similar backgrounds and tastes or is it more opposites attract?

We both have classical training in our backgrounds which helps us communicate ideas more quickly because we speak the same musical language.

Tell us about your latest EP – What inspired it? And how did Rodriguez Jr. get involved?

“I Was Blind” was actually one of the first songs that we worked on together. It came together easily in just a few days and we sent it over to our friend Shayan from Phonic Youth to add his vocals. We then sent the track to Siavash (You Plus One label boss) for feedback and he got Rodriguez Jr. on board for the remix which worked out brilliantly.


One of you is classically trained – do you use those skills when making music? Is it necessary for house and techno?

We are actually both classically trained. Is it necessary for house and techno? No. Many people make great-sounding music with little formal training. This question is difficult because we have always had the classical skill set and have no other reference point.  

The other is a studio engineer – what are the key things to get right when mastering electronic music?

Keeping in mind that the #1 objective of a dance track is to have thick lows and vibrant highs all while trying to reduce the amount of ear fatigue within the listener on the dancefloor. We are trying to avoid over-compression, allowing our tracks to have plenty of head room and room to breathe.  

What else you got coming up/are you working on?

We actually received a lot of love from different labels when we shopped the “I Was Blind” tracks. We chose You Plus One because of the hype and the overall trajectory of the label. We actually are set to release our next batch of records with You Plus One. For our next EP, we were very fortunate to have Einmusik remix one of our tracks along with another very talented producer that we are very excited to feature. Big things are coming.


Haddadi Von Engst’s “I Was Blind” feat. Phonic Youth is out on 13th November on You Plus One

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