How are you, how has 2020 been so far?


I’m doing okay, thanks for asking 😉

2020 is going fast and it’s weird! In January I started with a vacay in Vietnam and i also did a little trip to Berlin. I really needed a break from work and I also needed some vitamine D & inspiration + relaxation. I came back in February and started working again and DJ’ing. The end of February the virus hit the Netherlands, so now we’re in quarantine mode. 

I wanna say; Stay safe! Our future is in our hands. Wash them! Try to use this time to evolve physically and mentally.  


Where are you in lockdown? How are you finding it?


At home in Amsterdam, I’m living there with my girlfriend and my house cat. They’re my audience. I love them. 

I have a love and hate relationship with the lockdown. 

Lots of lovely time for my home studio to find and make some new music. I’m watching movies, digging in my vinyl collection, updating my chess game on my phone, refreshing the instagram page, and I have lots of time to think about my to do list: 

finish more music

go running AGAIN 

take out the trash

give the cat some food

read more books 

And I hate missing all my friends and family. My job and all the great colleagues in it. Stay strong. 


Will you use the chance to write more music?


Yes I’m writing and finding more music everyday. At least 4 hours a day, most days more 😉

I have more than 200 unfinished projects right now and lots of them need more time. So that’s great to focus on! 


What’s your studio setup like? What gear do you use?


In my bedroom studio I work with an Apple Macintosh with a cool daw on it. I have the speakers from KRK, 2 keyboards, one from Yamaha and the other is from novation. I use a sequencer + controller from Arturia and I have an 8 channel mixer from M-audio plus the Moog minitaur 🙂 


Tell us about your new single for the LOCUS compilation  – what inspired or influenced it?


The new single ‘Evolute’ is a 4/4 deep tech track filled with lot’s of inspiration from different house music that I like. I tried to put lots of things that give me joy in life in this song. 

You can hear a sample of kids playing in the background I put, played with a warm ambient string on the background. It contains stabs and a spoken word which can motivate you to go grow physically and mentally.  


Where do you start on a tune, do you always do the same bit first like drums or bass etc?


No I always start different because I get lots of inspiration during the day for my tracks. I can be fast with the basic stuff of making a drumloop and coming up on a bassline so I mix up my start flow every time.


You use samplers and drum machines right? Which are your favourite ones?


The ones from Akai are great. I use them as a drum machine and it’s also my sampler if I want to work out of the box 😉


What else have you got coming up?


Nothing! HELP.

I don’t really know where to release all that music with so many digital and vinyl labels these days. Reaching out to mailboxes from labels is also not my favourite thing to do.

I’ll try to upload more music to my Soundcloud and maybe release some of it on Spotify by myself.

Cool labels can reach me at:


What would be your ideal party to play – the set time, crowd size, location?


I really love the club filled with 300 people or more. Ideal set time would be 03:00am and venue’s like Heideglühen or the Panorama Bar in Berlin are high on the list of places I love to play. Both located at sick locations and they have super sound system. 


Guessbeats track ‘Evolute’ is out now on TECHFUI!

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