We sit with gleb filipchenkow to celebrate his latest release on Secret Fusion.
We talk music, analog and his mother….
How are you, how has the year been so far?
Everything is fine, as usual I work a lot on the compositions everyday.
What inspired and influenced the new release on Secret Fusion?
Nothing special, just music from my head and my mother.
How did you link with Ode & Shiny Head and why?
Ode I found on iNSTA and asked about to work on some compositions. Shiny Head lives in my hometown.
Did you work in the studio or online? Who did what? Did you each have your own roles?
With Ode online, she did a vocals for Alegria and Lava. Shiny comes to my studio and we work on the arrangements.
What is your current studio setup like? What gear, hardware and software is in it?
Working with Cubase. I prefer analog, and my mother prefers analog too, has a few synths.
What draws you to the dreamy side of things? When do you get into that sound?
AK47 for example.
Are you thinking about setting, clubs, dancers when making tune for just your own emotions?
Basically I don’t think about it, it’s just my raw emotions and the emotions of my mother.
What else have you got coming up?
As usual, I am working on new music, there will be new releases soon.