Hey Glauco, Introduce yourself and give us some background on you. 


Hey there! 

First of all thank you for inviting me for this chat: my name is Glauco and I live in Rome, Italy. 

I’ve been into music since I was a child: I studied classical piano at the Conservatory for 12 years, I played in jazz and fusion bands, rock, blues, swing and now it’s time for my journey in the electronic music: an exciting one, I have to say. 

Beside music, I’m a very curious person: I like to travel a lot and discover new places and cultures. I’m always seeking for new landscapes, new people, new tastes, new feelings and  new sounds. 


How have you dealt with lock down, personally, creatively, professionally?


As you might already know, Corona Virus punched really hard here in Italy. So many people died, so many are still in danger: our Country is really on its knees right now. Lockdown has been really strict and it’s still going on. It’s one month now that I’m completely alone in my home. 

I couldn’t even reach my parents because they live far and it’s impossible to get there now. 

The government just said we need to wait at least one more month to slowly come back to “reality”.   

Anyway, the most important thing is that luckily all my friends and family haven’t been infected at the moment. I’m trying to use this incredible amount of time we were gifted to deep dive in the things I like the most: produce and listen to tons of new music, play the piano everyday, read lots of books and exercise. I try to be productive everyday: I wanna step out of this dark tunnel stronger than before and with more skills and power.

From the money side this virus dramatically affected me, like everyone else in the industry: in March and April I had 2 gigs in London, 2 in Tel Aviv, 2 in Istanbul, 1 in Amsterdam, 1 in Rotterdam, plus my residency at The Sanctuary Eco Retreat in Rome. Everything has been cancelled.

I hope that this incredible situation will end soon.


What will be the first thing you do once you can go out again?


Reach my parents, run to the sea, feel the sensation of the sand on my feet, surf, sleep under the sun and of course a  never ending party: play for hours and hours and see the smile the people’s faces while they are dancing and they are losing themselves in the music. 

This is the thing I absolutely miss the most. 


Has music been therapy and escapism for you, or too hard to listen to/work on?


Definitely! I can’t live without music and now more thank ever. Actually, if I have to find a good side of  Corona Virus is that it gave me so much more time to dedicate to the Music, since I don’t have any kind of distraction and I’m free from most of the “nomal”  daily life duties. 


Has this strange period influenced the sound of the music you are making specifically?


Yes, as per usual, I’m strongly influenced by my current situation when I produce. Normally, the strongest influence to my works comes from my travels, because I really travel a lot and not only for the gigs: I’m talking about solo travels, for months, that are the my primary source of inspiration. But now that I’m  forced in total and solitary isolation, I’m exploring my inner self as I never did before. I’m discovering my romantic side: I’m playing a lot of piano and including it in my productions, which I never did before.


Tell us about the streams you have been doing – have they been planned and specifically themed or just in the moment mixes?


I think that our scene it’s really diverse, so the specific situation  of the single stream gives me a pathway to follow. 

I mean, streaming at Midnight for The Gardens of Babylon can’t be the same of streaming at 4 pm for Nomade Tulum: time is different, audience is different, hub is different and so the music will be different.

What I do in all the sets is playing as much of my productions as I can, in order to test the unreleased material and  feel the vibe of the people about the tracks that are already out there.

So basically I plan every minute of my playlist for a stream: but plans are made to be broken, so I often change something during the journey 🙂 


Tell us about your latest for LNDKHN – what inspired it or influenced it?


“South and Magic” it’s a really important EP for me: it’s the result of a long musical research, recording process in the studio and working live with incredible musicians. I was inspired by the key role that music has always played in the rituals of my hometown, a little sea village called Gaeta: that’s why one of the track of the EP it’s called Gaeta! 

Still now, in Gaeta there’s a timeless tradition called “Sciuscio”:  at New Year’s Eve, groups of children and adult build their typical instruments with whatever they can find (old leathers, old vases, wood, iron, fishnets) and they go knocking on everyone’s door to wish happy new year. In Gaeta there’s a song to fish, a song to sail, a song to pray, a song to love, a song to die: I think that this is an incredible heritage that we are losing in our unnecessarily hectic contemporary  life.

So “South and Magic” is my small contribution to bring back some of the wisdom of our ancestors. 


Tell us about the ancestral popular music of Southern Italy and how it sounds and how it influences you?


Popular music of Southern Italy is strictly connected to the four natural elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air which in Southern Italy means respectively Sea, Sun, Land and Wind: “Me Sentu Ientu”, one of the tracks of the EP,  literally means “I feel like wind” in the ancient dialect from Salento.   

Being a surfer and a sailor, I’m strongly influenced by all of these elements and it has been a real challenge to include the electronic vibe in such a truly and deeply organic concept of sound. 

That’s why nothing is sampled in the EP: all the melodic lines are played in the studio. Percussions, flutes, synths, voices, guitars. And of course a lot of rare instruments coming from the Southern Italy popular tradition, like “scacciapensieri”, “tammorra”, “mandolino”, “putipù” and many more.  I was lucky to work with incredible musicians and friends  like Simone Pulvano , Donato Barbaro and Gianluigi Mendozza, that helped me a lot to reach an ambitious aim. 


You have done emotional electronic music, trippy stuff, downtempo stuff – whats next?


Music has no borders, it’s a way to express our feelings, and to communicate with the world. I don’t know what will come up when I’m in the studio, but you can be sure that is gonna be pure.  No compromises, no “trends”, no charts and that’s the most important thing. 

For sure I wanna explore more my pianistic side in the next productions: it’s the most important instrument for me, it’s been with me since I was a child and I want to find the right way to merge it with my vision of electronic music. 


What else have you been working on/have you got coming up?


I’m currently working on a new LIVE project with my bro Ayamoon: it’s something super exciting and it’s still top secret so I can’t say too much about it, But keep an eye on it because it’s gonna be nuts!!! 

I also keep on searching for new talents for The Sanctuary Eco Retreat, in Rome, where besides being the Resident Dj, I’m in charge of the Artistic Direction, too. We are like family and we keep on streaming  Dj Sets every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from our FB and Insta, to help the people that are forced at home by creating some good vibes; at the same time we continue to feed the scene and we are glad to give to old and new friends the chance to perform for a wide audience, since we can count on 50k of active followers.

More so, we are collecting funds to help people in need of buying  them groceries: there are so many people that lost their job now in Italy and still don’t have any kind of support from the Government. We do what we can, and I’m proud to say that we helped more than 200 people now.

I wouldn’t hide that my next dream is  to create a label, in order to completely and freely express my musical vision and I think  this is the right moment to do it since we have so much time to plan and work on new stuff. 

And last but not least,  I can’t wait to go back to touring: I miss it so much.


Pre-order Glauco Di Mambro EP” South & Magic” (incl. Dreems & PAAX (Tulum) Remixes released on LNDKHN here


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