Welcome to Sweet Music! How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

Fel C: Hey guys, I hope you are all well and excited about the resumption of events! I’m on fire in productions and releases. Look, in this world of music, the hardest thing is dealing with anxiety. Anxiety about playing, anxiety before playing, anxiety when we send a demo, etc. But it’s wonderful when I play and see the reaction of the crowd, especially when it’s my live, only with original songs and receiving feedback on the songs released.

How did you formulate your sound design and what spheres of electronic music does it fit into?

Fel C: I think it’s a natural process of timbre adaptation. Gradually, I discovered that the paths don’t have to be the most complicated to be the best.

So your sound is delicate and melodic. Contextualize what you seek to convey with it.

Fel C: More and more I compose to send messages and express myself, rather than simply producing for the sake of producing. Bringing the voice as an element, brought this feeling a lot.

Tell us a little about your references, especially Brazilian ones, and how they influence your work (directly or not).

Fel C: I have some, but to give an example, I think I learned a lot and I’m a fan of Entropia-Entalpia, who does live and has already produced some tracks with me. Elekfantz has a live act format that I was also very inspired by, from the Brazilian scene. But I think within the electronic scene, which has my heart, it would be Whomadewho, without a doubt.

You started producing in 2017, right? How did you feel it would work to implement the performance in Live?

Fel C: 2015 I finished my first production and sound design and live performance course, at Point Blank London, but it took me 6 years to implement live as my main way of presenting myself. There’s no way to describe it other than a great challenge, but that’s exactly why I wanted to do live, so everything is going as planned haha.

And do you feel that the rhythms at which you focus your activities on allow you to innovate?

Fel C: Look, yes and no. I think people and record companies tend to cling to the idea of style and don’t always open up to new sounds. I started not to care much about it. I have produced what I feel is me and people can like it or not.

You are an artist who is always moving in some way, especially with audiovisual content. You recently released a video for the “Creature Of The Night” track. Do you believe that it makes sense, for your project, to bet on these contents?

Fel C: Honestly, in the electronic scene I play for, I don’t think it makes commercial sense, but I do it for the pleasure and artistic satisfaction. It’s the construction of a long-term career. In a few years I’ll look back and look at everything I’ve been producing and I know it will be a much more interesting reflection.

Which track would you recommend to someone who hasn’t heard you yet and would like to understand your creation process a little better?

Fel C: I think this is one of the hardest questions I have to answer. Creature Of The Night marked my new singing phase, it has my first clip, so I’ll have to go with it! haha

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Fel C: Several releases scheduled for this year. La Mishka, Gluten Free Records, UFO Sounds, Natura Viva are the labels already signed. I hope to bring more names to this list later this year.

Fel C is on Instagram, Youtube & Soundcloud.