Dr Honey, a Colombian duo integrated by the sisters Laura and Camila Narváez, debuted in March 2020 with their first single ‘Loud’. They are inspired by the sounds of Acid and Melodic Techno, creating emotion driven productions with tons of energy that has led them to be reviewed in the Latin American edition of DJ Mag and also to become one of the key talents of the new Colombian electronic music.

The duo have returned with their second single so we had a chat with them both…

How are you, how has the coronavirus crisis been where you are?

“Hi! What a pleasure to greet you from Colombia. We love that our music has reached you. Well in this pandemic we have tried to take it easy, taking advantage of the time to produce new music and to connect with the public through our social media. However, we are eager for the scene to reopen and be able to play our music in front of an audience, the energy of the live shows will never be replace.”

“Unfortunately, Colombia is still affected at the moment even despite having reacted quickly to the situation with a quarantine, every day the cases are increasing and we are crossing the peak of the pandemic at the moment. We look forward to this healing soon and that we overcome this crisis.”

When did you first meet and why start making music together?
“We are sisters and we have always been very close, since we were little we imagined working together. However, we ended up living in different cities and countries until 2019 where we coincided in Bogotá and that was when we finally decided to start a project together. At first being DJs was a hobby for us but little by little it became a passion and that’s when we decided to make it real and start Dr Honey.”

Does it always work? Do you always get on?
“Our personalities are 100% the opposite but we believe that this has helped our project go a long way since we complement each other in such a way that each one contributes a bit from their perspective so that Dr Honey is what it is. Fortunately, there are few times when we do not totally agree on certain things but we manage to find the balance or give in, always looking for the best for the project.”

What is the scene in Colombia like? What got you into dance music in the first place, and where, what records and parties?
The Colombian electronic scene has grown quite a bit in recent years, I think we have world-class events that have nothing to envy the international scene. We also feel that the public is increasingly open to receiving artists with different proposals and is increasingly knowledgeable about electronic music, which allows for more and better quality events. We started like many, attending parties and festivals that opened us up to artists we admire and who have inspired us like Moderat, Hidden Empire, and others. In addition, the fact of having lived in Europe (Cami in Denmark and Lau in England and Spain) also instilled in us this taste for electronic music. Now what we want is to become representatives of our country, showing that different types of music apart from reggaeton are also produced here.”

Give us some tips and places to check out, or acts to check. 
“We have several places that we like and that we go to frequently because of the events they present or because of the type of music they play on at their parties. There is Armando Records, a place that has been one of our favourites for several years where there are not only good parties but events of national and international artists. Kaputt, which is relatively new but that stood out from the beginning for its different proposal where you can find various environments for all taste. If you want something a little more clandestine, a recommended one is Asilo which has managed to stay on our top places to go and is perfect if you are a lover of music from the 80’s, 90’s, post punk or new wave.”

How did you link with Candy Flip for your new EP?
“The first contact with Candy Flip was through social media when they were looking for new talents to join their DJ repertoire for events they organize in Bogotá. It was such a nice coincidence that we met when we were finishing the production of our first single “Loud” and we were looking for a label to support us with that first release. We were really happy with the support they have given us to take off with our project, so with this second single we didn’t hesitate to continue working with them.”

What inspired it, what influenced the sounds on it?
“In ‘Nana’ we wanted to transmit an energetic unloading of sequences and beats that portrait a transit to another world. This allows the melody to become a musical metaphor of the travel we are about to begin. Every single detail of this song represents the journey and the feeling we may have during it.

“The harsh and acid sounds are complemented with sweet feminine melodies, evoking those moments during a party when you feel you are being ripped apart from your physical body and surrender yourself completely to the music.”

The PR mentions ‘feminine melodies’ – what are they?
“Nana its inspired on a fairy tale that narrates the transition we do when we leave our physical body behind to find a new reality in another world. So we wanted to record voices that represent the guides that during this transit lull us to calm, like a lullaby (hence the name, “Nana”, in Spanish), comforting us during this rupture.

Are you real doctors?
“Haha despite coming from a family of doctors we are not. We are both industrial designers, Cami is focused on art direction and Lau is a marketing specialist.” 

If you could be a doctor of anything what would it be and why?
“As we told you before, in our family there are several doctors. Our father and brother are Oncologists, which is something to admire and we think it is a tough but very rewarding profession. If we had been doctors, I think we would also have considered that specialization. However we believe that music can heal people in other ways through dance, with Dr Honey all we want is to transmit good energy and joy to everyone.”

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
“All the time we are thinking about new ideas, for now we have planned some collaborations that we cannot yet announce but that we hope to launch throughout this year and the beginning of 2021. We are also waiting for this pandemic crisis to be over so we can retake some events and festivals that were postponed which we would love to play as soon as possible.”

Nana is out now!

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