Hi Guys! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What have you been up to lately?

Severin: We have spent the past two years producing our new concept album «The Minus». A lot of time has also gone into creating the Motion Music Picture and our audio-visual live show in support of the album. It was a lot of work, but we are now ready.

Congratulations on your latest album release «The Minus» on ZEHN Records! What was your inspiration behind this album?

Miller: I started «The Minus» over 10 years ago as a graphic novel, and it’s been growing ever since. A black circle – serving as a symbol for everything we do not know – was the starting point and the canvas for creative unfolding. In the meantime it has become a kind of life’s work, I have worked on it with over 40 artists from all over the world, from the most diverse fields, such as authors, filmmakers, concept – and visual artists, but also physicists and architects. Using fragments from the story universe, we as Doctors On Decks have worked together over the past 2 years to develop this wonderful concept album that has become a very special part of «The Minus».

This album covers a lot of ground sonically and in terms of its subject matter. How did you initially come up with the idea to bring together this project?

Martin: As Miller created «The Minus» world years ago, this dystopia became more and more reality lately and gained actuality. We felt it is more important than ever to articulate a subtle artistic critique of the world we live in, while at the same time giving hope! While music seemed to be the best way to underline the content and the visual quality of «The Minus» and to reach people also on an emotional level. It is a concept album in the tradition of Pink Floyd’s «The Wall» in many terms, a synthesis of the arts. An important part of this project is also «The Minus” Motion Music Picture, an audio-visual and mixed version of the album, that will be released on youtube and other channels mid of October, and «The Minus” Live Show an audio-visual techno opera on stage.

This body of work contains some thought-provoking topics. Tell us more about some of the main themes that tie together this album ?

Miller: The story revolves around a gigantic, mysterious hole in the middle of a megacity, and the main theme is the impact of the unknown on society. Identity and memories are recurring themes. What makes us who are we? It’s about understanding things and looking behind the curtain. How do societies and hierarchical systems work? What are the mechanisms? It’s also about power and control, religions, and the promises of salvation and paradise.

What is the message you are aiming to spread with this album?

Martin: Questioning where we are headed as a society and proclaiming the revolution for change led by each individual. «We are the rats in the wall». 

What does your setup look like?

Severin: In terms of production, we work in Ableton DAW with some external Synths and Effects. For the album, we focused on achieving signature sounds that define the DOD vibe. For our live set, we work on three different Macbooks running two Ableton’s, NI Traktor and two NI Maschine’s. Martin plays diverse STEM’S via Traktor, and Maschine for loops, sequences and buildups. My part is performing and improvising live on analog instruments using Ableton as a hub and as well as singing, using Maschine for effects and live sampling. Miller is responsible for the visual part of the live set that is directly synced to his audio stems as ”what you hear is what you see”.

Can you mention some of the instruments (digital or analog) that you believe define your sound ?

Martin: Besides Severin’s unique falsetto Voice, we used Korg MS20 on almost every track because of its gritty sound and character. We like to record our own samples for the drum section, textures and for some weird sound design 🙂 We also like to incorporate live instruments in our productions. For example, the E-guitar solo of the track ”Devil’s Door” was played by Severin’s father Zoran and the Bass guitar on the track ”Rats”was played by Anti-Flag’s Chris#2.

What has been your highlight gig this year?

Miller: It was actually in an old industrial location in Innsbruck, where we performed our new audio-visual live show for the first time. The space, the sound, the live visuals, and the crowd all became one.

What can we expect from Doctors On Decks in the near future?

Severin: We are just starting our release tour, with the first shows in Düsseldorf, Vienna and New York City. And of course, we are busy in the studio working on new stuff that circles around topics such as what makes us human and the beauty of nature, generating awareness of these facts in an even more danceable format.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks to all that supported this project over the years! Special shoutouts go to Marko from Tube&Berger, Nhoah, Chris#2 from Anti-Flag, Günther Hauser, Studio Super+ and Anjosef! And of course to you guys for having us!

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