How are you, how has 2022 been for you so far?

We are very well. Music wise, 2022 has been amazing so far. We are excited for what’s to come and to be shared with the world.

What inspired your new EP with Ricardo “Let’s Not Pretend” on My Other Side Of The Moon?

This EP is very important for Ricardo and I, as this is the first time we collaborated with one of our favorite producers out there by the name of Atmos Blaq.

What gear do you use when making music, does that matter to you?

We use a combination of different plugins and VSTs as key elements in our production.

Our go to VSTis – ANA2, SURGE, SERUM, RETROLOGUE and Slate Digital EQ & Compressors.

We also sometimes use Omnisphere, Elements, Nexus, Korg M1 and more…

Why are you drawn to Afro House, what is it about the genre that you love?

Afro House speaks to us. We are in love with the rhythm and the elements/basslines/arps. It speaks to our bodies and souls and creates a lot of excitement overall. 

When did you first meet and also Atmosphere Blaq, why did you decide to work together?

Ricardo and I met about 3 years ago through a mutual friend. From the first conversation it was clear that we are passionate about music. We linked up and began our music/production journey. Atmos Blaq has a sound that captures your ear and immediately I got him involved to remix some of our projects. As time passed and we became brothers, we agreed it was time to collaborate in an organic way which made us create “Lets Not Pretend”. It came out very special.


Who did what, did you each take care of certain parts of the music?

Very simple: We asked Atmos to bring us some of his signature Arps/drums/elements and once he delivered, we took the next step of adding our own signature Arp/sound/elements. Of course there are the singers Mayan and Zoya who wrote the songs and recorded them.

How long have you produced together, who does what, do you each have your own sound?

We are both very involved in our productions. We usually agree on everything so it’s easy to move forward. If there’s a disagreement we let go of the idea and continue on to the next. We have been producing like this for almost 3 years and we combine our key elements to create our original sound. We do our best to keep the tracks exciting with each individual project.

Where is your best environment as a dj? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc?

To be honest every room has its own charm, so I can’t really say which I like more. Having said that, the most important factor for me is the sound, so a dope sound system and a crowd that comes to dance and enjoy some epic performances is key.

How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

We are always trying to keep busy with new projects and keep finding a fantastic vocalist to be able to create magic. Beyond that point we inspire each other with ideas and put them to work right away “we do not sleep on the job”.

What is next for you after this interview?

We have a very busy year ahead with scheduled releases till the end of the year + many gigs around the world.


Dj Tomer & Ricardo with Atmos Blaq EP “Let’s Not Pretend” includes Caiiro Remix will be out on 29th April on My Other Side of The Moon

pre-order it here



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