How has 2018 been for you, what have been the highs and the lows?

It was a surprising year! It started with the review on DJ Mag France of my previous EP, and for me it was a great strike. I did not expect! During the year I found again that serenity that I had not felt for years, indispensable in my work; but above all I have taken my life back to life, I have discovered new perfumes, new perspectives. I have good feelings for this year, I think I will remember it as one of the most special.

For the rest I worked as usual for my music and my label. 2018 opened the doors to new and important acquaintances, important artists and collaborators, new ideas, new ambitions… Yes, I think we did a good job! I hope that this year I reserve something even more magical, I’m very enthusiastic and confident at the same time… The work always repays, and it’s time to reap the rewards.

What sort of scene is there in Sicily? Are you on your own there or is there a dance music community?

In Sicily there is an excellent musical scene, also very active, and over the years the attention and culture for electronic music has grown a lot. Catania is a reality now well established at the international level; great events for great artists, the top that the music market can offer right now, even if I honestly do not often go to clubs, it’s not the context that belongs to me. Speaking of the Sicilian scene, I would quote Musumeci, a countryman who has reached an important level and I feel great esteem for him. I do not feel alone, I feel the support of my friends and this for me is very important, but I live in a small Sicilian country, and you will understand that it is not easy to integrate with the mentality of the place, especially if you aspire to such a great dream.

Despite everything, I’m proud to be Sicilian 🙂

Where and when and how did you first get into dance music?

The first time I had the desire to get my hands on a mixer was 13 years. Together with a friend of mine we played at parties as teenagers. Then growing up and getting to know other people, I started to approach a more precise musical genre and to attend clubs, even if very rarely… over the years I have identified what is my personal musical style, going from a more commercial genre to what today I really play. At first I could never imagine getting close to electronic music; today I feel definitely closer to a theater and not to a club.

Tell me about Wout Records, the aim, the outlook?

Wout Records is my creation. I manage everything, supported by good collaborators, including my dear friend Giuseppe. I designed the logo in 2013 in Germany, I wanted something minimal and original. Even the artworks are designed by me. Let’s say I have alot of creativity and I try to attempt artworks with what I can. As in music, I’m not a professional, but basically I need only ideas, my ideas. The target? Get a great prestige. Bring the Wout name up, let it reach a unique value. I wish one day my label could become an icon of the electronic music industry.

Working hard and dreaming, I believe, are the only ways to achieve one’s goals, and it represents a lifestyle for me. The prospects are many, but I am confident from this point of view. In the coming years we will discover together if that becomes a reality. Who knows… I continue to dream.

Your new EP shows a reduced tempo and focus on fewer instruments – why is that?

Evolving, I started to understand more and more what my music was. I always tend to work with a few tools for my way of understanding music, simple but straightforward: Those listening to the other side must undergo the emotional transport of what I want to express… It’s like a story: each track has its own story.

I’m fascinated by cinematography… It would be a dream to also be able to work for the film industry, on the other hand I think this new EP is very close to that sector.

How hard was it to work in this way, what did you learn about yourself?

It was not difficult, but pleasant. I search within myself what I then transcribe into music, and to do this I do not need tools, but sensitivity. Model my sounds as if I were transcribing my emotions on paper canvases, making each sound very personal.

Over the years I have refined my technique, I have discovered new methods and new inspirations… from every work I do I draw a continuous teaching; this for me is very important because so I can improve in the expression of the emotion of my music, and also on the quality.

How important is it to get real emotions in your music? Do you have to get in the right headspace before you start writing?

For me it is essential to be able to transcribe my real emotions in music: I perceive my music as a set of strong emotions that I must carefully dissect and make it clear to the listener. I remember a phrase that said: “in music, as in life, you can not pretend to excite others if you can not first excite yourself”; here, in this sentence I enclose the meaning that this project has for me.

Writing is a very delicate phase for me but at the same time liberating. In what I write there is not only the emotion that I want to transmit, but what I really feel at that precise moment. My mood affects so much when I start composing my magic. I feel particularly that when I’m angry or sad, I can give the best of me… and I can not explain why, but the inspiration does not have a why, it is like a fire that lights up inside, you can not control it and perhaps this is the most beautiful aspect. Then there are also periods in which I can not create anything that convinces me, everything is very unpredictable. It’s a matter of heart and mind.

Where is your studio, is it a proper space, or can you write anywhere? Does your environment change the music you make?

I think I can write anywhere, the problem is, if anything, the quality that comes out working in an unsuitable space, without the proper tools. To give you an example, many of my musical creatures originate from the outside, out of my studio… because I love nature and contact with her, and in those contexts I can draw out the right inspiration. But then I still need to bring my studio ideas to transcribe them into music. I do not have a real study, to make you understand, in the same room I dream twice: when I rest and when I work.

Emerging for me would be a dream, but also a solution to allow me to renew my equipment, my studio, to be able to work with a much higher quality standard. My environment certainly influences my music… I got to notice it in my previous works, where I may have perceived some details that I was trying to perfect.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I work continuously to carry on my music and my label. My days are very busy, because I always aspire to the top, in both fields. I’m completing another new EP, the result of intense work and full of passion… I’m very curious to see what will happen, what I hope is that it can be interesting for big labels.

Once again, after the good results of the last collaboration, we will start a new job with my friend Michele Anullo, with whom it is always a great pleasure to cooperate. We will release four tracks on my label, for which we aim to give a thick image, a cocktail of elegance and originality. 

On Wout I release only artists that really hit me, which I think has something magical to tell. We are a growing reality, but we have talent, I feel confident about this.

Coming soon, on the occasion of my new EP, a remixes release will be released on my label, and I’m very happy to have involved artists like Allies For Everyone, Miguel Rendeiro, Soul Of Noise, Como Sea, Alberth, Shunsuke Akimoto, Twenty Pound, Michele Anullo and Veitha. From New York to Tokyo, it will be an explosion of culture, a very charged release.

What goals and hopes and dreams do you have for 2019?

Goals, hopes, dreams… are part of the same dough. There would be so many things to say, maybe I would lose myself here … but what I feel I want to get from this coming year is definitely grow in the footsteps of previous years, make new important collaborations, further refine my musical technique, and travel… widen my horizons, seek that serenity that allows me to express myself in the right way.

We are made of flesh and feeling, we are born to do something specific, some do not have the tenacity or the luck of believing in one’s dreams, but luckily or unfortunately I do not set limits! I have identified in this dream a large part of my life, and I will never give up … because no one will ever extinguish this fire that burns me inside. Here is my dream: unleash this fire and show everyone who is Gabriele Mineo! From child to artist.

Dinkis’ ‘The Gaia’s Kisses’ is out on 26th October