How is life in lockdown for you? Are you in lockdown?

Now I am constantly at home, sometimes I go out for online broadcasts. I want to spend this time as useful as possible for my music work. 

How had the year started before this broke out? What had been good for you?

It started very cool, about two months we travelled with friends from the Odyssey festival team in Asia, where we did our parties in Malaysia, Thailand and Bali. Now I am very happy about this because I managed to get a lot of pleasure from this traveling.

Tell us about how you first got into dance music – where, when?

In my hometown – St. Petersburg, 16 years ago, when I started playing my first sets as a DJ. But it was a bit different music, Drum and Bass and Jungle. At that time, in St. Petersburg, the club movement was very developed in the best traditions of the English party-mania, beginning 90s from deep underground to large stadiums for 10-15 thousand people. It was very energetic to be a good dj, the constant pursuit of interesting vinyl records and sound. It was a great time!

What parties and DJs inspired you? What sounds turned you on?

Very inspired by the parties and atmosphere of Gardens of Babylon, Afterlife festivals and of course Burning man. 

How long till you started making and collecting your own music?

I had a big way of finding myself in different genres. It was dnb, dubstep, pop music, techno. I tried to write different. Besides music, I wrote a lot of song lyrics and for my various projects.


You love ethnic melodies – why is that? How did you come to them?

I always liked ethnic vocals and instruments. Probably a big love of ethnic music came to me from reggae with these percussions and tunes. I was always inspired by sitar from psychedelic rock 60-70s, Arabian and Indian samples from house, techno and big beat.

What will be the first thing you do when lockdown is over?

I can’t know where this will lead. But in any case, what we all miss and what we are all deprived of now is the opportunity to travel and meet new interesting people.

What is your favourite bit of music making gear?

Any instrument is good if it fits your mix 🙂

Where do you start on a tune, always in the same place like bass, keys or drums or anything?

Usually it can be a groove of a drum part, or a vocal sample. I often work with ethnic and folk musicians and some instrumental parts may inspire me.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Now I try to move a little away from the genre, try a new one. The sound has more bass, gets a little harder, but it also remains in a fun mood to be a dance action movie.


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