Hey Dexter, lovely to meet you!! How are things in your life right now?
Good with several DJ gigs and music releases planned in the next 6 months.
What is the scene in Lausanne like right now?
The general trend at this time is more techno in terms of electronic music but there is also a nice house and garage scene.
Does the beautiful Swiss landscape inspire your music in any way?
When I’m in the production process in my studio I forget a little bit about what’s going on around. I am however convinced that the Swiss diversity (3 cultures, 3 national languages “German, French, Italian”, etc.) clearly has an unconscious impact on my music.
What else does? Dreams? Friendships? Djing?
To continue to evolve my productions, my mixes and share my passion for music.
When it comes to DJing – are you someone who likes to get people in a trance, or who likes a sense of fun in their sets, or who likes to shock etc etc etc?
It depends on the venue, the type of party, and especially the vibe the clubbers are in: )
And where is your best environment? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc

I like all these atmospheres. They each bring their own specificity. However, I have a slight preference for the open-air scenes.

What inspired the new EP for Street King and how did it come about? Tell us about the aim of the tunes?
I am a music lover and listen to many different styles (classic, film music, jazz, hip-hop, pot, etc.). In this realease there are more classic house influences from the late 90’s as well as Tribal House for “Oh My Child”.
And when making music, what are your aims, what sounds are you most found of, what is the aim of your tunes?
Trying to make people dance sharing a good time.
What’s next for you?
Some releases planned in the next 6 months on Street King Records, Mood Funk Records and Monoside Records as well as DJ gigs.

Dexter Troy EP “Searching For Love” is out now on Street King

Grab it Here