Hey guys! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How has 2023 been for you so far? 

We are incredibly excited for this year. We feel we have some of our strongest material ready this year! Some signed with some of our goal labels and some others still looking for a home 🙂 we cannot wait to share these productions with everyone.

Congrats on the release of your latest EP «Reality Breach» on Release Your Mind Records. What was your inspiration behind this EP? 

These tracks were created in the depths of lockdown in 2020. Reality breach is not a sound we usually make. It was actually inspired by a trip to berlin we were on! The sounds of the clubs there can have such a weird and wonderful contrast of aggressive and hypnotic techno. We wanted to reflect this with the pace of the music we usually make! That’s essentially where the inspiration came from. 

What was your experience working on this record? 

Ans: It was incredibly fun to produce this record but the process was accompanied by a lot of doubt. We asked ourselves ‘Will this resonate with people?’ as the sounds are quite obscure. We sent the demo to our good pals at Release Your Mind and the lads really believed in the record. We could see they were just as excited as us about it and they fully understood the intention behind the sounds in it! From there we signed it up and got it ready for release.

Can you tell us more about Deciduous? How did you first come up with the idea to create this project?

When we first purchased a set of decks, we had our homes to practice in yet nowhere to play. So we set up a forest rave for a few of our friends from school at the time outside our hometown. Probably about 20 people showed up. We thought the night was so much fun we began running more raves every couple of months and the numbers steadily grew until we had roughly 200 people showing up. At this point, people in the town knew who we were and through friends of friends, we managed to secure a gig there. We had no name for ourselves to be booked under so we thought the name ‘Deciduous’ was fitting as a way to pay homage to the forest we first started playing in. That’s how the project ‘Deciduous’ was born! 

How did you get into Music Production and DJ’ing? 

Our project first started with DJ’ing, probably sometime around 2015 when we both separately purchased a set of decks. Between us, we had a set of CDJ 800s MKII and 1000s MKIII. As we started to run some parties after the success of our raves it became pretty clear to us that we weren’t satisfied with just playing other people’s music, so we started to make our own. It has been really enjoyable and at times very challenging but we feel our music is really coming together through our ever-growing friendship.

Can you mention some musical influences that you believe have shaped your sound? 

For sure, growing up we used to follow trance quite closely. Trance was and still is pretty big in our hometown Navan, as John O’Callaghan is from there. Through the 2012-2015 era. The sounds of Eric Prydz, Maya Jane Coles & Maceo Plex captivated us. We played most of this sort of stuff when we started out. Around 2015 the drum code releases at the time we thought were absolutely smashing. Tracks like Roberto Capuano – Obsessed and Luigi Madonna Unconditional beauty really stuck in our heads. But when TOU launched in afterlifes first release in 2016 we knew the way forward for the direction of our Deciduous identity. We were absolutely hooked on that melodic techno journey. But still, the influences of melody, groove, and sometimes dirtiness from the artist’s records we listened to previously helped to shape our productions. We are still being inspired on a daily with the music that’s coming out today there are so many talented Artists out there at the moment. Particularly in Ireland, quite a lot of emerging talent in the melodic techno scene.

What does your studio setup look like & can you highlight some of the instruments and/or plugins that you believe define your sound? 

Nothing fancy anyway! We use Ryan’s home studio where we incorporate a Behringer model D, a boutique Roland Ju-06 synth, and a Tr8. We only use these about 30 percent of the time for the creation of melodies and pads. The rest of the sounds we create are mostly on Diva and Ana 2 on Ableton. Both of these vsts are absolute beasts! With regards to drums, we like to spend some time every now and again processing drum sounds and creating new racks that can help give our records a sonic identity going forward! Also for our mix-downs, we export to logic. 

Now that «Reality Breach» is out, what can people expect from Deciduous next? 

Ans: we honestly feel this year will undoubtedly be our most successful yet! We have 5 EPs to go, some of which are signed to some big labels so please keep an eye out for them 😉 yous won’t be disappointed! We would love to drop the names here but you know how it is! Anyway, time will tell 🙂 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Nothing at all lads thanks, it’s been a pleasure to catch up and we hope to chat again with yous soon.

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Deciduous – Reality Breach EP is OUT NOW on Release Your Mind Records