Hey DAHR & Jacques, how are you, how has the year been so far?
DAHR: It’s been a year of getting closer with myself and truly becoming more my authentic self.
Jacques: I’ve been good, already been an eventful year I’m excited for what’s to come.
When did you first meet and why work together?
DAHR: 5 years ago in the studio. As two very unique individuals tapped into the source of life, we connect greatly in the studio: When Jacques and I get into the studio there s just something mystical that happens. It s like we re on the same frequency when it comes to creating. The look in our eyes when we have another ‘aha’ moment or when we start jumping for joy when the drop sits just like we want it. It s really something magical.
But we are both also very on our own path. Like the entire song structure and mixing process was done while Jacques was in NY and I in Belgium. We were literally on the phone finishing this song!
Jacques: We met 5 years ago in the studio my brother had brought me over there. At first I met Dahr as an engineer but I didn’t produce back in the day I was more a singer so we worked on a few projects together. Until I started producing house and we linked up to make some beats and from there the chemistry was different and we started making more music together because the energy just made too much sense. 
Who does what in the studio? What do you each bring?
DAHR: The studio for me is a place of freedom. No one judges, there are no wrongs. It’s a world where creation is at the core of being. Thus tapping into the creative energy with your own authentic being is what differentiates each artist. There’s no role-playing or you do this and I do that. It’s more like someone feels something and plays it for instance on the piano and the other person then feels something and continues the path of creation. So it s all about feeling and being aligned. We each bring our authentic selves to the studio. But I must say, Jacques is a killer on melodies! 
Jacques: We really both bring everything to the table. Every track is different, sometimes I make a melody sometimes Dahr does, same goes for everything else. But Dahr definitely is a master at engineering. Making sure everything sounds right!
How important is it to reflect and represent your different cultures in the music you make?
DAHR: It’s funny you ask this question because this was literally the main topic of Jacques and my last studio session. Culture is important as it defines a big part of your identity as a human and as an artist. But there is also a bigger collective culture as a human race. Sounds that we create are pushed out into the ether for eternity. Echoes of long past times that are only a blink in the grandeur of existence. So it is important but reflection seems more important. Reflection of the self in relationship with your culture, with the human culture, or even with all different cultures. Certain insights gain massive progress in your process of awakening. That is why later this year Jacques and I are bringing out a song where Africa meets Turkey. Where 2 cultures collide in the organic house genre.
Jacques: That’s one of the things I really love about house music, it’s so easy so implement dancey vibes of any culture into a track. Representing where you’re from is always something to be proud of. 
Tell us about the new single you have done for House Of Dance?
DAHR: Okay don’t laugh… we were humming the main vocal hook for literally multiple studio sessions (thus tens of hours) and already called the song Made In India for the unique Indian sound until Jacques let it listen to someone and they said oh yeah they’re saying ‘Made in India’. When he told me, we looked at each other in awe because we already named the song this way. Our subconscious minds already processed it! That was a very funny moment in the studio.
Anyway, this is our first release together and we plan on releasing another 5 songs this year! Ever wondered what Afro Deephouse in an Indian coat sounds like? This unique sound provides you with just that answer. Made In India (MII) was made together by two ambitious friends. The legendary sample gives the track a uniquely Indian flavor, while the percussive drums make your soul dance to the twilight of dawn. As a first-of-a-kind Afro-deep house track that have you singing along while dancing, this track speaks in an impressive way to the soul.
Both already have a lot of experience as artists ranging from endless hours in the studio to do many gigs throughout the years as they grow each day more into their authentic selves. Made in India stands out in its own right while still fitting in with the dance scene of today. This song is meant to echo the beginning of a distinguished and long-term sound & collaboration of DAHR & Jacques Basoka. Deep work pays off in Deephouse, right?
What made you want to work with that legendary sample and how did you find it?
This is funny, we were actually looking for a sample and recorded the whole process, so there’s video material of us reacting to the moment we found the sample. What drove us to work with the sample is how it stands out from all the other sounds. Our reaction tells everything. We know from the first time we heard it that this would be a banger! We found it by searching all over the internet for amazing sounds, this one was found on Tracklib.
What are the best and worst bits of running a label?
The best thing is connecting people through the art of music and getting to know so many new sounds, creations, and people. There’s such an abundance of inspiration for connecting with people in that way. Keeping sure everyone is doing their bit is a tricky challenge though. 
How do you judge success for your own tunes?
For us, success is judged by how it helps people. How people turn on the track to escape for a brief period to a place where they feel alive, energetic, and well. So really for us, it’s all bout the listener and their intrinsic experience of how it moves their soul. How they can connect with themselves through the rhythms of sound.  
What’s next for you?
Well, first of all it’s important to bring MII to the fullest capacity in terms of reach and awareness. We want people to hear our song and enjoy it! Apart from that we are releasing another 5 songs this year with all very distinctive sounds, the sky is not the limit for us! The next one will be a remix of a very known classic tune. just to give a hint, it will leave you Careless! 😉. 

DAHR & Jacques Basoka single “Made In India (MII)” is out now on House of Dance

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