Hi Cristian, first of all how are you?

Hi guys, first of all thanks for the opportunity. After the past 2 years, I can say I am good! Finally we’re back on track again!

Tell us about how this collaboration first happened? 

Before the pandemic, we played many gigs together with ‘It’s All About The Music’ in Spain, Italy and Holland. We had such a great time and we decided to work on something together. 

How is your workflow with Anna?

We actually met once in a studio in Ibiza and started making music together. We then had to work via zoom because of the covid restrictions. 

What equipment did you use to make these tracks?

All analog equipment. We used a DSI Tempest (one of my favourite drum machines ever) Elektron Analogue keys with some synth sounds I’ve been creating, a Yamaha electric Piano and a Neumann Tlm102 to grab Franco’s voice.

What inspired you both to remix your own work?

To be honest I’ve always made different versions of my releases. I like to do reinterpretations of the original works because I am a creative person and artist. In this case, a month ago, Solomun played a track of mine titled “Daughter Club Mix” released on my own label Descending Order at Decoder festival in Tbilisi Georgia. The video ended up going viral because right in that moment, he told the crowd to stop making videos and to enjoy the moment. This inspired me to do a club mix for this new one. When I sent it to Anna, she decided to do a version which was more in her style.

Tell us something regarding the video clip of the track, where did the idea come from?

I collaborated with Dario Denso Andriolo, who is a long time friend and an amazing visual artist. We did some serious projects together before “Where I’ve been” and we were representing our homeland Sicily at Expo Dubai 2021 with an immersive installation with his visuals and my music. This year we did an exhibition at Politeama Garibaldi Theatre in my city, called “Sicilian Reflections” and I did the soundtrack together with the Maestro Andrea Morricone (Ennio Morricone’s Son) which just finished in September. After all that we did together I proposed to him this collaboration with Anna and he fell in love with the song and accepted to complete the project with his art!

What is the best club you played at this year?

This year I’ve been playing in so many good clubs. To name a few Pacha, Eden, Destino in Ibiza and the new Pacha is my favourite, no doubt!

Which club would you love to play at?

I would love to play again at Gazgolder in Russia but unfortunately the war broke up the working connections I had with my Russian friends. I am very sad because I want us to dance and enjoy life instead of destroying our lovely planet! I would also like to play at Rex Club in Paris and Watergate in Berlin. 

Who was your favourite DJ growing up?

Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Timo Maas, Massive Attack to name a few but I’ve also been influenced by many different genres and artists from Chicago and Detroit who I’ve listened to since a young age.

Name 5 DJ’s to look out for!

Oh wow I have so many, one of my favourite’s is Jasper Tygner who is a young creative and inspiring artist. As I am also co/owner of Ibiza Talents record, we have a very good roster of fresh talents. My favourites at the moment are Chicks Luv Us, Joe Vanditti, Michel Tallè, and Anthy who is one of the five winners of a contest I did for my sample pack on Loopmasters. He recently released on Solomun’s Dyinamic and I am very happy for him!

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