Hey guys! Thanks for joining us today. How did you spend your summer this year?
It’s been a very busy summer for us, with long studio days and events, unfortunately with only a few days of vacation!
Congrats on the release of your new single «Blue Sunset» on My Other Side of The Moon. What was your experience working on this track?
The experience has been positive, and it has allowed us to connect with true professionals and a high-level artist like Argento Dust. We’ve worked hard but also had a lot of fun!
How did you come up with the name Bush B4 Me? What does it mean to you?
Reading Edgar Allan Poe, and…can mean everything …or nothing.
Growing up, what were some of your early influences that shaped your taste in music?
Certainly, the great success of Osama by Bawntini has greatly influenced our musical journey and suggested exploring new paths with previously unexplored fusions. The influences from the keinemusik world have also been significant; we’ve drawn inspiration from their project.
How did you meet? Whose idea was it to start making music together?
We met over 10 years ago behind the decks of a nightclub in Southern Italy, and from that moment, a relationship of mutual respect and sincere friendship blossomed. By chance, about a year ago, while exchanging ideas, we began nurturing the idea of a musical project of our own.
What are some studio essentials that make up your trademark sound?
Certainly, typical Afro percussion elements combined with melodic piano usage are essential ingredients that cannot be missing.
How do you define success? Is it about the numbers, or is there more to it?
Success is defined by numbers, but it’s in the management of success that a person is defined.
Now that «Blue Sunset» is out, what is next for Bush B4 Me?
At the moment, we’re completing a lot of tracks… the idea might be for an album, but we’ll see soon.
Thanks for answering our questions today. Is there a message that you would like to share with the world?
Maybe something like…Don’t let your tongue run ahead of your thoughts.

Bush B4 Me “Blue Sunset” incl. Argento Dust Remix is out now on My Other Side of The Moon

Grab it here