How was 2019 for you? What were your highlights?

2019 has been a great year for me. It’s hard for me to point out highlights if I’m completely honest as there were so many through the year; playing at Elrow Town was an experience that definitely won’t be forgotten anytime soon, the production there was another level. I also had the privilege of playing at the famous Hï in Ibiza for the Bodyworks night headed by the likes of Solardo, CamelPhat and Fisher. As well as this, I’ve been working really hard in the studio and had some great support on some upcoming releases by artists like Hannah Wants, Solardo, Billy Kenny and a bunch of others. Lot’s of highlights for 2019.

What is the scene like in the south of England right now – what’s popping?

South of England has always been a little secret gem for the dance scene. It tends to vary year on year with the genres that lead the way but current and over the past years is been full of Tech House events with a few garage and baseline sprinkled in, both constantly bringing the big crowds. Also, with being right by the beach, there’s always a good summer event or festival going on. 

Is that where you first got into dance music? What parties and DJs?

Yeah, ever since I was a kid I’ve always had my mum playing the classic dance tracks, so grown up surrounded by it really. But, saying that, the first big party I actually went to was in Loughborough as a couple of my mates went to uni there. I remember catching Latmun when he was doing warm sets! Ever since that, I was hooked. I remember going to one stand out event actually. It was at Treatment at the O2 academy in Bournemouth with Hot Since 82, Skream and Hannah Wants all on the line up. It was nuts! 

You played Hi Ibiza this summer – what was that like?

Unbelievable! It was actually my first time to visit the club too, so it made playing there that even bit more mad. I remember walking in and just being amazed at the sheer scale of it and how clean and futuristic it was. Then the crowd and vibe was something else, the room was full for the whole of my set with happy ravers all having the time of their lives. Definitely one of my favourite clubs to play at to date. I can’t wait to be back there again! 

Tell us about your new one for Oddball – what inspired it?

I was in the studio with a good mate of mine maybe last year and we had this big, heavy hitting acid track with this vocal line. It was actually sung with some harmonies layered in and a vocoder on it back then. But, I wasn’t 100% happy with how it sounded, so I decided to start a new track with a big rave feel to it and also change the vibe of the lyrics as where it says “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling kinda wavy”, I felt like it was best to go with the slurred speech vibe as it fits with the content of the hook and also stands out as something a bit different. 


Where do you start on a tune, is one bit more important than any other for you, like bass v drums v keys?

I always start with the drums. Depending on the style, I’ll focus on putting a good kit together first, make sure that it’s tight and that has a good groove. Then I’ll add the bassline after I have the main drums in place. Sometimes I leave a main element out, like the clap, main hi hat, so I can focus on the other elements first and use the final elements as the ‘icing on the cake’. 

What gear do you use?

I’m actually in the middle of moving my studio around at the moment so a lot of my hardware is packed up right now, but luckily I’m mostly a VST user anyway. With these, I tend to flick between Serum and Sylenth1 for my bassline’s and synths at the moment – both have really rich, crisp sounds but are both very unique from one another and are hugely versatile in their own ways, so with both you can create near enough any sound you can dream up. 

Should politics be involved in dance music? What are your views?

I think there is definitely a certain place for politics within dance music. But, I do feel like there has been far too much involvement in the recent years and it is having a negative impact on dance music as a whole, with the amount of once great clubs/artists/events that are now struggling. Ie, Fabric & Motion. There will always be politics in dance music, I think it’s more how we manage the moderation to preserve the dance music culture that we all know and love.  

How do you relax away from music, what do you do in downtime, with private moments? 

I’m a proper foodie, so most of the time I’m away from making music, I’ll just make some good food and put on a good film/series to relax the mind. Other than that, I’ve always been in to my fitness and looking after my body so I also spend a lot of my free time training. 

What do you read, do you do sport, have any hobbies or routines, walk a dog or anything like that? What is your ideal day off?

As I mentioned before, I’ve always been involved in my fitness; I was actually a PT once upon a time, and having been a kick-boxer and bodybuilding in the past, I changed that and now do calisthenics style training and also train at a gymnastics gym too. I don’t tend to read much, but when I do, it’s always something surrounding spirituality or mindfulness like ‘The Chimp Paradox’, ‘The Secret’ etc. I’ve always been a fan of that sort of mindset and it has helped me heaps in the past. 

I’d have to say my ideal day (without music, of course) would consist of good food, some form of fun, adrenaline filled activity or training and hanging with my closest mates… probably on a beach with a bbq too. That wouldn’t go amiss! 

What else have you got coming up?

I’m actually away for a few months visiting some friends in Canada and spending Christmas with my Dad who lives in Australia, so gig wise, everything coming up now will be in the new year. But, I have lots of new releases coming out over the coming months and some awesome collabs being released in the new year too. I’m very excited about releasing this next bunch of music as I’ve worked hard perfecting my sound and feel my next releases are going to be my best yet! 

Anything else to add or get off your chest?

No not really, I don’t think. Thanks for having a chat with me, I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you like the new track! Take it easy.


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