Hi BEDOLPHINS ! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What have you been up to lately?

Thank you for having us. With the war going on in Ukraine where we are based, we’re doing what we can to continue creating music and channeling our lives into our productions.

Congrats on your debut single «Space Knock» on WeWaves. What was your inspiration behind this track? 

“Space Knock” was inspired by the desire to mentally be in space during the Ukraine war.

Can you tell us more about BEDOLPHINS? How did you two meet and what was your idea behind starting this project? 

We met years ago in Ukraine and eventually came up with the idea to create an anonymous project duo.

What has been the experience of running a label for you so far? 

It’s been very rewarding to see it come to fruition.  Since this is our first release there’s a lot we’ll learn from this release, but we appreciate all of the support so far.

What artists can we expect to see on the label?

Our label, “WeWaves,” will at first feature only the BEDOLPHINS project, but we hope to eventually bring other artists and friends onto the roster. 

What are some major musical influences that you believe have shaped your sound? 

Artists on Diynamic and Afterlife like Solomun and Tale of Us have heavily inspired our sound.

What does your studio setup look like? 

Proper 😉

Can you mention some of the instruments ( digital or analog ) that you believe define your sound? 

Organic synths

What can we expect from BEDOLPHINS and WeWaves in the near future? 

Consistent releases and a deeper exploration of the BEDOLPHINS project

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go? 

Слава Україні!

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