Hey Awiy Disco – How are you, what’s good in your world?

Hello, I’m fine. Besides my family and sports, music is a very important part of my life. I started recording music with an old recorder at the age of 7. A preference for electronic music developed quickly. A learning phase in music production and as a DJ began in the 90s. In these years many productions were made on vinyl, CD and digital with various projects. In 2019 I started my solo project with Awiy Disco. Awiy Disco, stands for catchy and groovy tech house and melodic techno. In the city of Meißen (Saxony) the beats and hypnotic melodies were produced and make the club party.


How do you look for or create new sounds? How does the inspiration come?


I listen to a lot of new different music. Also, sometimes inspiration comes from music of completely different genres. Mostly I listen to music by driving and while doing sports. I mostly get my ideas and energy while moving around in nature. I’m going by bike almost every day. I create playlists on Spotify and follow my favourite artists. Again and again, I note the tracks that I’ll use in my DJ mixes. I create new sounds for my own productions in many different ways. The starting point can be a session at the Ipad or while experimenting with a synthesizer. There is always a different starting point for the final production. Sometimes a sound is created at the Ipad while travelling, other times it’s an arrangement on the Octatrack, that inspires for a new track.


What gear do you use? Real instruments or software or pre-sets or?


I like Hardware Synths and Samplers like Vermona Perfourmer, Akai MPC, Elektron Octatrack or Moog Subsequent. Always Sounds from hardware synthesizers are integrated into my productions. But the heart of my studio is always the Mac and the Ableton software. That’s where all the ideas come together.


Tell us about your new EP for City of Drums? How did you come to work with the label?


Mathias Teichmann (City of Drums) got a demo of my “Intoxication“ single. He liked the tracks very much and we got in touch. I liked what the label was doing and
I was happy to have a good partner at my side who appreciates music and is committed to his artists.  


What inspired or influenced the track? Was there a plan for it from the start?


The goal was to make the track unique. I like it when the tracks have their own expression. The piano should be the antipole to the rough synthesizer part. Everything should merge into a melodic unity.
Bit about your style/aims when it comes to DJing – are you someone who likes to get people in a trance, or who likes a sense of fun in their sets, or who likes to shock etc etc etc?


I like DJ sets that bring energy and good feelings to the dancefloor. My DJ sets usually move in the range of 120-126 BPM. Melodic techno and progressive house are the preferred genres.


And where is your best environment? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc?


The club is more personal and you can better get in touch with the people. Open airs also always have a special flair and are my favourites. If people like electronic music, a festival will be a good place to party. If the crowd is in a good mood, the location is secondary. Music is the key.


And when making music, what are your aims, what sounds are you most fond of, what is the aim of your tunes?


My goal is to make people happy with music. Music connects people and its like a universal language. It is a pleasure for me, to see people dancing, celebrating and smiling. Nothing is better than getting feedback like this on one’s own musical creations.


What else is coming up from you?


I’m working on the new single “Fata Morgana” already and its mostly finished. The productions go into the direction of progressive house and melodic techno. The work on the productions went well and was fun in the studio. A very special theme will surround these productions. Be curious…

Awiy Disco EP “Intoxication” incl. The Electronic Advance & DJ Nasty Deluxe Remix is out now on City of Drums Black Label

Grab it here