How has 2022 been for you so far? What’s been good and bad?

The last year was really bad for me I lost an important person in my life. So I started the 2022 with the desire of changes and take any occasions the life offer to me! Bad things bring good things to life.

Tell us about your journey into dance music and how you got where you are today?

I started in 2003 making hip hop music and only in 2009 me and my best friend started to listen djs like justice, Crookers and bloody beetroots that inspired us to found our Duo Retrohandz! During the years we released our music on the top labels of the EDM industry like Dim Mak , Mad decent and Spinnin receiving the support from Major lazer, skrillex and more… Our music take us to tour the world and in 2018 we stopped DJing! But during the last 2 years I missed a lot the club so I start my brand new project with the focus to emotion the people with my music and my sets !

How was the pandemic for you and what if any affect did it have on your music taste and style, what you play, what you listen to, what you make?

For me the pandemic period was a moments of changes and I took my time to think a lot !
My taste in music changed and I stopped in 2019 producing hybrid track because I feel that was too noisy because I want to make a more elegant and sophisticated kind of music or simply something more adult! I also started to listen some black coffee DJ set during I was cooking and his music inspired a lot so I started to go in depth to this genre!

And what is your own sound, what makes your music unique?

My sound right now is closely related to my emotions, I decided to don’t follow any music scheme but just my emotions and I think this is the best way to make your own sound !

You make afro house but is there a need for caution around that genre for anyone not of afro heritage?

Im Italian but I always been fascinated from reggae, dancehall and afro music, I think because I’m from south Italy and our music have a lot of influences by North Africa music but anyway I think the music its the only thing that doesn’t have borders, so if you feel it in your soul you can do it .

What role do dreams, tv shows, hopes and fantasies play in inspiring the music you make? Do you have get an idea from any of those sources and use it as a starting point?

Absolutely yes! Nature give me a lot of inspiration and also sound track from movie ! I recently release a song called “time” that is an Afro house version of the OST of the movie “Inception” by Hans Zimmer he inspired me a lot ! Everything can give you inspiration.

Tell us about your ep for My Other Side of The Moon, the aim you had with it, what you wanted it to say?

As I told you I leave my emotions to talk and this is exactly the reason why I called it “AMIGDALA”
Amigdala is a complex structure of cells nestled in the middle of the brain and is primarily involved in the processing of the emotions! I hope people will catch it

It has lots of great chord work – are you formally trained in any way?

Unfortunately I’m not a musician I don’t play any instrument but I’ve almost 20 years of experience in music production and as listener so I think this help me a lot!

What gear did you use, is that important to you in any way whether in the booth or studio?

I basically use a laptop and a pair of good headphones! I think the most important thing are ideas and inspiration and you can make music with everything!

What else have you got moving up/are you working on?

I’m working on different projects but as “Animalic Drum” I’m making a lot of new music and now I want to start to collaborate with other Afro House producers.


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