Hey Andreas, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hey there, thank you for the invitation. 

Whats good? I have a lot of time for the studio because of the lockdown situation . Im trying to get better with my gear and spend a lot of time experimenting and finding new ideas and ways of doing what I love, music all day. Also I started with Yoga recently which is amazing.

Whats bad? I really miss playing and performing at nice venues. Sharing moments, emotions and energy with people. The Lockdown itself was nothing “new “for me because most of the time I’m in a studio lockdown anyway, but still I miss going out sometimes.

How did you link with Max Doblhoff and Alai K for the new “Niwache” EP on Leisure Music?

Well, last year Max asked me if I could do a remix for his Track called „Dimbale“ on Seres Producoes. As he really liked my Remix we decided to work on our first EP.

Max played some tracks by Alaik to me and I immediately fell in love with his unique voice so we invited him for a Collaboration…. and this is how it started.

Then I played the demos to Inessa the head of Leisure Music and she fell in love with them and here we are. I’m very happy that everything worked out so nicely.

How different do you sound when working solo vs when working with others?

When I’m alone I do a lot of different music. From Downtempo, House, Electronica, Afro House to Melodic Techno.  I’m really not focused on a genre. I just try to find some inspiration by tweaking sounds and knobs and just go with the flow and express the mood I am catching. So I think my solo music has a lot of different influences. Sometimes Dub, Latin, Afro, Techno, or something else. So I think you will always find something new and hopefully still hear that’s me. 

When I collaborate with other people it’s most of the time a defined genre. Like with Max and Alaik it was clear to be an afro roots influenced project with a lot of live recorded elements. Through the various musical backgrounds of us 3 these tracks came out the way they are now. A fusion of European and African roots. 

And I’m open to all kinds of collaborations. I’m also producing for some singer/songwriters and I try to translate their ideas to a hopefully great piece of music in the end so this is also a different approach trying to get me out of the equation. 

Tell us about the sessions that made the music – they were all live recordings right? What are the pros and cons of working like that?

Well Max and Alaik came to my studio for some days and we recorded a lot of ideas every day, such as drums, vocals, synth baselines and so on. 

After some days of recording we started to sort out the material and put together the basics for the EP, and slowly and with a lot of love it became a nice piece of music I think.

In my opinion the obvious pro is the feeling you get when recording live. The magic that can happen in the moment and the feeling you can transport when jamming together is amazing. When choosing the right recording you have the essence of a good track.

And this leads me to the cons. It takes a lot of time to set up the recording so you are happy with the sound of the recording. It takes a lot of time to listen through all the sessions you recorded, when you do longer jams with more people. But nevertheless I love to work like that. Finding the right pieces of music and put them all together.


Which bits did you play/record/sequence? Are you formally trained?

So I played all the electronical parts like synthlines, baselines, programmed beats, pads and so on. I also put the tracks together, trying out arrangements, adding some elements and then sending the ideas to Max and Alaik to get some feedback. Then I had some sessions with Max where we recorded some additional drums and tweaked the arrangements. After some sessions and putting everything together we finished the tracks.

I’m not formally trained though. My Grandmother taught me how to play the Piano when I was still a child, but not for too long. Anyway I always had a strong connection to music and so started to learn how to use the programs, what’s  a Synthesizer,  how to connect stuff and step by step I was getting better. And through a lot of collaborations I did with different musicians and producers I learned a lot about music production. 

How important is it to be culturally sensitive when making what is termed afro house? 

Well I think in general music should always sound authentic and transport some culture and soul.  Better said I think music has the power to reduce cultural barriers through fusion of cultures in music. 

It is positive, uplifting music – do you go in with the intention of making that or is it just what came out of the sessions?

As I explained I try to catch the mood that’s happening in the moment so in that case it was a recording session with a lot of fun and easiness. Both Max and Alaik are very nice people with good energy and I’m very happy that they crossed my path. 

Is dance music all about escapism for you? Or should it be real and reflect world events, politics, etc?

I don’t think its all about fleeing from reality because it thankfully is also part of our reality. I think that music always reflects the spirit of society and tells you exactly what’s going on and what’s on people’s minds. I would say that dance music or music in general is a key to experience the moment. Just let go of everything what’s not you is not the  baddest thing in this troubled world I guess. 

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’m currently working on a new release with my brother Sascha (Megablast) on our Label „Luv Lite Recordings“  which I’m really looking forward to. 

I’m also working on a new EP together with Darksidevinyl.

I have done a remix for Inessa „into the deep” on Leisure Music Productions which will hit the stores in December.

I’m also part of a formation called “Monastery and the Beast” which is a new live electronic project and will be part of the next Compilation by “Schönbrunner Perlen“ an is an Austria based Label by „Ken Hayakawa“

And of course my solo productions which I also want to focus on in 2021 and maybe doing my first Album, so lots to look forward to 🙂


Andreas Weisz’s collaboration with Max Doblhoff, Alai K “Niwache” is out now on Leisure Music 

Grab it here