Hey ANDATA, What’s good? How are you?

Hey guys, what’s up? Thanks for having us. We’re doing fine but actually a bit tired from the last studio night sessions. Trying to fight our eye rings with tons of caffeine.

What new years resolutions did you set and have you kept to them?

We thought about too many resolutions in 2019 to handle all of them. So we put it all together and decided to focus on good music and imprint the new decade with it. After we saw some other DJ photos in December we set the resolution to hit the gym on a regular basis and stay fit 😉

Introduce yourself, tell us what you’re about, what your vibe is.

We are Max and Dennis, both 23 years old and live in Hamburg, Germany. Before we get too far ahead here, we summarize our vibe with a proverb of Jeff Mills: “Techno wasn’t designed to be dance music, it was designed to be a futuristic statement.”

When did you start making music? What gear do you use?

We started producing when we were 15 years old. After the first song we successfully finished (it was complete *#§$% retrospectively haha) we worked every day on getting better and better. We started with Logic Pro 9 and still use it. We think we need to make an update soon. For our live sets we use Ableton Live. In the studio we work a lot with analog synthesizers (mainly Access Virus and Moog One).

You have a new MOMENTUM EP coming on Customized Culture – tell us about the EP, what inspired it etc?

We have drawn the inspiration for the Momentum EP from old Hollywood movies. We love the oldschool vibes and that’s why the intro track contains a sample of Charlie Manson. You can also sympathise with the vintage flair in the visuals we created for the EP. In general we tried to catch the vibe of that time and transform it into a modern Melodic Techno sound. The whole EP is a mix of melodic vibes and powerful basslines and works great in the club.

The label say it is “a new movement that combines art, fashion and music of the underground Techno culture.” Can you expand on that?

Yes, sure. Our vision with Customized Culture is to create a culture that each person can define for themselves and still become part of a larger movement. These days you need more than just good music to influence the new generation. Style and design is an important factor in our opinion. To inspire young people it is not enough as a label to just post Beatport chart screenshots. That’s why we also contribute our own interests in fashion and art to the label. We think letting music, fashion and art melt together is the perfect combination to imprint the future of the Techno culture and extend it. In a few weeks the first collection of Customized Couture will drop. You definitely need to stay updated.



You have a melodic sound – why is that? Are you a dreamy and melancholic person?

We decided to drop a melodic EP because it reflects the retro Hollywood vibe that inspired us. In general it is important for us that our music has a high energy and works great in the club and we can always identify with it. Maybe the melodic vibe just fitted in our personal life at the time we produced the EP. We wouldn’t describe ourselves as dreamy persons. I (Max) always try to spread good vibes and Dennis is from some distant planet anyway.

Are you formally trained in anyway? Do you have any piano playing skills for example?

Max: I play the saxophone since I am 11 years old and still play it nowadays (no I don’t play Epic Sax Guy for anyone!). I also do have a few piano skills. As a child I had keyboard lessons.

Dennis: I also had piano lessons in a Russian music school, when I was a child but my teacher and I didn’t share the same vibe. So it didn’t last long. After I only wanted to play Cocaine Cool (by Laid Back) on the piano they kicked me out. That’s why I am more into the techy stuff.

As a DJ, do you play the same sounds that you make, are you a moody and deep kind of selector?

We always try to keep our sets special. Sometimes we just play our own songs and sometimes we play none of our songs. Our style contains Techno and Melodic Techno sounds. It is important for us that the sound is powerful and has a good rhythm. We love to surprise the crowd and sometimes this leads to us dropping a Leftfield House banger for example. Very often you can find us in small vinyl stores in Berlin digging for secret weapons for the dancefloor.

What’s next, what else are you work on?

After already getting support on our Momentum EP by Solomun, Jeff Jones, Township Rebellion and other A-list artists our follow up EP is coming in March on Customized Culture. We spent a lot of time in the studio during the last weeks and have so many ID’s to drop soon. You can also expect a lot of influential Techno artists to release on Customized Culture this year. At the moment we are planning the first Customized Culture Open Airs that will take place this summer. We are also already working on the next fashion collections for Customized Couture.

What would be your perfect party set up – set time, crowd size, location etc?

On the one hand we love playing long sets in small clubs where we can connect with the people. When the sweat drips from the ceiling it was definitely a good party. On the other hand we love the Open Air season. It’s perfect for our live shows. In the end the location doesn’t matter as long as the party has a great vibe.

Have a good one guys! 


ANDATA EP “Momentum” will be released on 21st February on Customized Culture. Pre-order it here!


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