Hey Alex, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. We shall begin by focusing on your roots; what was the pivotal moment for you that made you realise you wanted to do this as a career?

I’m of Cuban descent and music has always been in my blood. I grew up constantly surrounded by music, but it was my brother specifically that put me on to electronic music which eventually led to my passion for this genre. The DJ portion fell in to my lap when two of my friends left their DJ equipment at my house for a couple weeks. I started toying with them and the rest was history. My second favorite thing to do outside of spending time with my two beautiful baby boys is to be behind the decks grooving and playing music.

Descend is your own imprint and party night you’ve been running for the past few years, what sparked the launch of this and what’s the mission statement behind it?

Descend is a project that I had been planning and working on for quite some time; it’s my baby. I really love the ability to book and run the parties according to my own vision and inspiration. It also puts me in a position to book close friends and/or artists that I look forward to listening to or that may have not gotten enough exposure but should have.  Separately, I’ve launched a clothing brand on our new website. Our logo is something I am proud of and I’m excited to watch it take flight. In terms of Descend’s future, I’m really enjoying watching the international projects we are working on flourish and I’m tuned in and excited for what’s to come.

Coming soon, on Descend, is Archila’s ‘Unknown’ EP. You also feature with a remix, what sparked your involvement in this project and when did Archila approach you for this release?

The birth of this was EP was organic. I was attending Archila’s weekly party “Gathering” at one of Miami’s hot spots Do Not Sit on the Furniture. He played two tracks that caught my attention immediately, one of which I wanted to turn in to a remix. I’m eager to see the reaction of club goers and taste makers globally once they hear the track and hope it catches their attention the way it did for me.

To date, what has been the most exciting night for you behind the decks and do you have any interesting stories you can tell us?

This is a tough one! I’ve been blessed to have been provided some amazing opportunities for gigs including Techno Tuesday in Amsterdam, Salon Amador shows in Medellin, Vertigo club in Costa Rica, Descend shows all across Miami, Output in New York for the Ezoo after party and the Mississippi Queen in Nuremberg. Each show had a unique and special feel with completely different crowds enabling me to immerse and lose myself in the music. However, the one show I hold closest to my heart was the Descend show at BPM back in 2017. We closed off the streets of Mexico with the best lineup: Carlo Lio, Pan-Pot, Oscar L along with label artists Carabetta and Doons and Hanie. That party felt like magic and this is the reason I’ve stumbled upon being a DJ because it is a means to connect with people in the way we did that night.

What’s the Miami crowd like to play for?

Miami’s energy is unsurpassed, and in my opinion, I see this city as the “party capital of the world”. Underground music is predominant here and people are responsive to it which makes playing here continue to be fun and remains one of my favorite cities to play in.

At this moment, what is the best track you’ve been playing out recently?

Right now, I’m really feeling “Losing It” by Fisher – I think everyone can agree that track is fire. Also, really loving Detlef’s “Deep Dip” and the upcoming EP on Descend from Barbuto with the Loco & Jam remix. If I had to choose my favorite track at right now, it’d be “Say Something” from Nassar Baker because it stands out a lot.

And finally, you’ve been in this industry, both as a DJ-Producer and a label owner, what does it take to succeed for new artists and what words of advice would you give to an artist submitting music to you for Descend Records?

To succeed, you have to be the full package and that begins by being a stellar producer and by being able to read crowds. Different cities elicit a different vibe with a different taste in music to match. When you’re headlining, it’s important to be conscious of that.

You can find ALX’s remix on the latest Descend Records Ep coming from Archila

Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/unknown/2389723