How did you guys first meet, where and when?

Truth is that it’s a pretty interesting story. We both grew up in a small city called Kiryat Gat, and since the city was so small and boring, we were looking for ways to pass the time. Elmar went straight for electronic music and started a successful duo that blew up and did very well on the world circuit at a young age. Vitali, on the other hand, came from a classical background and successfully played the violin, nevertheless, Vitali discovered his passion for electronic music by organizing parties later on to producing and to perform overseas as well. At the time these parties were illegal and the scene was very small, everyone knew each other, and happened to be that Elmar played at Vitalis party, which was one of the better ones at the time and that is basically where the connection started ,we have lots of friends in common, who share love and passion for the same music that alone made many adventures at the time.

A few years back (probably 10) we tried sitting in the studio and working together, for some reason and there is probably one, it just didn’t work out, so we figured it wasn’t time yet. 

About a year ago Elmar showed up at Vitali’s birthday party with a mutual friend just because we didn’t see each other for a while, looking one year back we can say that anything happens for a reason, so we threw out an idea for us to get back into the studio, so we did, made one track, then it became three tracks, and we finally decided to start AfterU (since we are both gentlemen). At the same time, Vitali recorded an intro version with Ilan Oz on the piano to Dj Solomun’s remix to “Clap Your Hands For Fun” and this just went crazy! Solomun loved it and played it around the globe it is just unbelievable.   

Anyway, we sealed ourselves off in the studio for about a year and came up with 20 different pieces and 2 of them getting released in our first EP on Armada just this week.

What skills and backgrounds do you have? What influences do you bring to the table?

Vitali is a violinist in his profession, already learning classical music from the age of 6, performing around the world while winning contests and finished Conservatorium with honors. At the age of 18, Vitali stopped with the classical music and focused his efforts on combining his violin and love for electronic music, bringing a new fresh flavour to the scene that combines all the elements that drove him in years prior. 

Elmar, on the other hand, learned piano from a young age and was always deeply rooted in the world of music. When Elmar was 13 his parents bought him his first computer, and that’s where he discovered his love for electronic music. After years of performing around the world and combining the musical knowledge with the understanding of the rapidly developing electronic world, it all came into place with this project. 

Why does the partnership work – are you very similar or is it opposites attract?

We are very different but very much alike at the same time. Vitali is more hyper and a party animal while Elmar is more calm, collective and patient. On the other side, we both have the same taste in music which allows us to flow in the studio while allowing us to work even when the other is out. Sometimes when you’re alone you allow yourself more room to operate and go crazy, but when it comes to finishing the tracks it’s very important that we both do it together.

Can you tell us something about the other one we might not know?

AfterU 🙂

There are lots of middle eastern and Africa sounds on the new music – tell us about those 

We were both born in central Asia USSR and moved to Israel at a very young age, which shows in our musical direction that combines the sounds from back home with the middle eastern flair. Today the African style (which we love very much) act as the basis for a lot of musical genres and are the basis for most beats, So we try to infuse that with our home.

There are some exotic instruments on the new single on Armada also – who plays those? Where do they come from?

Vitali records all the violin parts as we as cool Fx’s that come from the violin and it is really hard to tell that it is the instrument. We record vocal effects and sounds that we create at the moment with a mic.



Where did your relationship with Armada Music come from? How does it feel to release on such an iconic label?

Our good friend Avi Thomas who is part of our team made the connection to Armada and sent them the tracks, which they immediately loved and wanted to sign by them. We were very excited and humbled by this, well, because Armada is Armada. It doesn’t matter in what genre you are and how underground or mainstream you are, everyone listened to Armada artists at some point in their life. We’re very proud to be part of that family



Are you software or hardware guys, how do you make music, what sort of studio have you got?

We try to combine all the tools we have, our main DAW is Cubase but we can use anything else like Ableton or logic. We are combining it with the analog world. We use Korg and Roland synths for anything we need, also we have the NI Maschine which we love and use a lot. And of course, the electric and classical violin that can be used as a guitar threw a multi-effect creating a stronger feel to it. Also, we love to use a mic for all kinds of weird and strange noises and sounds its easy, fun and limitless. 

It’s summer now so does that suit your music best with these enchanting instrumentals and organic, open-air style grooves?

We really love the summer, and obviously, that has an impact on the mood in the studio. 

It makes you want to create something sexy and light that you imagine girls vibing on the dancefloor. In general, we think our music is very open airish because we think there is something ravey, magical and open in our music, especially when we use the live violin that is mainly why we use it in all of our big events. 

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

There is a lot of music coming up that we are eager to share with the world, one of them is going out next month in our new label “PakPak Records” Its and EP called  “Menoranna” with our very talented friends ‘Leibo &Zarhi’ And ‘Stylo’, we are very excited about this one, and actually we have one more ep with 2 tracks on armada music with ‘Stylo’ that is set to be released in September we are super excited. so stay tuned and follow us on our socials @AfterUmusic .and we want to thank you Sweet Music for your love and support and to all our fans around the world, thank you peace & love!


AfterU EP “Dushanbe/Blindfold” released on Armada Electronic Elements is out now.

Grab your copy here.


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