The DJs and producers Colussi and r4ne join forces in the expressive duo, which also heads the Brazilian label Prototype Music — check out our chat with them 

by Isabela Junqueira

Brazil emerges as a great supplier of Techno talents and brands of melodic facets and most of the time, as a result of the precise actions from the lovers of this genre. Diego Colussi and Ranieri Ferrari are proudly two of them. Separately, their projects are Colussi and r4ne, respectively. Together since 2020, they join forces with Innure.

The duo’s first release in the phonographic market was directly on the renowned Warung Recordings with the track “Ceres”, followed by other expressive releases on Prototype, such as “Ravi’s Law” which was interpreted by BLANCAh, “Heaven” and recently a remix for the track “2016” by Bervon.

The DJs and producers are also the minds behind Prototype Music, a label that emerged in 2020, but has already positioned itself based on the excellent curatorial work of its founders, as they explore a world language of Techno which harmonizes from sumptuous melancholy traits and hypnotic percussions. Among some of those released by the label are Binaryh, Dizharmonia, Nicola Boh, P.Young, Renato Cohen, Sarcasmo and Zaria. It has been in operation for two years and more than 40 releases have been made.

Representing the label, they rocked stages of expressive Brazilian clubs such as D-Edge and the recently opened Surreal Park.

Innure at Surreal Park

We spoke with the DJs and producers to understand what makes their souls pulse beyond the hypnotic beats. Check it out:

If it wasn’t for music, what would you work with?

Colussi: With digital marketing, after all, nowadays I also work with it, because I still can’t live 100% of the music.
r4ne: Writing code, which I actually do these days.

A music genre as far away from Techno as possible that you like:

Colussi: Hip Hop
r4ne: Hip Hop

A song of this genre (as said above) to listen to forever:

Colussi: Eminem – Kill You
r4ne: Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock – Money Trees

A hobby:

Colussi: Go out with friends
r4ne: Play videogames with my son

What moves you:

Colussi: Music
r4ne: My son, Ravi

I won’t stop until I:

Colussi: Achieve my goals within music and consequently fulfill my dreams within music.
r4ne: Accomplish all my personal and professional goals.

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