Catch Recordings return with their 13th release, but by no means is it unlucky. Rather, it is another great three track affair that introduces us to an emerging talent in DJ Najaora, who is from Georgia and has a mature leftfield sound. 

Opener Nightdreamers is a slippery and slick and quick electro cut with expert drum programming. It takes you deep into the future and has a real serenity to it. Space Call is deeper and more thoughtful, with wallowing pads encouraging you to get lost in the cosmos as astral synths drift by. Its hugely cinematic stuff and last of all სიმულაკრი takes the b-side with seven pensive minutes of sci-fi electro that is slippery and metallic, has droning bass and spaced out pads. Its brilliant, emotive stuff from start to finish. 

Night Dreamers EP is out now! Order your copy here: