Katermukke’s fifth fantastic offering is an album from Dirty Doering, a resident at Berlin’s legendary Bar25. The title of the album translate as ‘You’ve got the watches, we’ve got the time…’ and is tattooed on his chest. It is about the value of time and there can be no better way to spend yours than by listening to his record. 

It is a 12 track affair that really takes you on a journey. It starts slow and deep, with wallowing electronics and loose percussion and traps you in thick, deep cut grooves. They are organic and warm and a nice place to be. Cape of Doering then picks up the pace with a nocturnal sense of melody and Black Forest builds on that with slicker, more upright drums and twinkling keys raining down from above. 

As things progress there are more introspective numbers with thoughtful pads and meandering synth lines and then more floor facing cuts like Riverside, with happy piano chords laced over turbulent bass. Later on things slow to playful crawls on cuts like Purple Disco and Monday Only is the downbeat closer with beautiful melancholy in the air. 

This is a proper album that takes you form the warm up through the peak time and back to yours. It is emotional and thoughtful and utterly timeless. 

Euch die Uhren uns die Zei is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/euch-die-uhren-uns-die-zeit/2364209