Davide Ferrario and Dalai have come together for a special new package here that marks another fine release on the My Other Side of The Moon label. Breeze and The Sun, Mike Dem and Neil Amarey are also behind some remixes that seal the deal. 
Up first is actually a Enzo Napa remix that is deep, rooted tot he floor and filled with tension. The vocals bring exotic feels and ensure you are lost in a trance. The original is less intense, with more gorgeous pines bring melancholy and melody as the soulful vocal sounds pained. Desert (Breeze and The Sun & Neil Amarey Remix) is awash with strings and gentle grooves that get under you skin and make for a truly powerful track despite its subtlety. Desert (Breeze and The Sun & Mike Dem Remix) is more driving, with the club in mind and some big sweeping pads lifting you off your feet as things move on. This then is a fine EP.