Darem Aissa is a Canadian artist whose deep and techy style is on full display with his latest release which features three of his original tracks along with a remix from Edit Select.

Edit Select will likely be the name that most people recognise when first discovering this release, but not to detract from the original tracks, as they are arguably the star of the show.

In terms of previous releases, Darem Aissa seems to have been exclusive to his how own label Suleiman Records, which is also the imprint putting out this latest release.

Running through the track in the order that they stood out to us, “Sunshine” is the cut that is a personal favourite. Its blend of dreamy synths and techy percussion gives it an epic end of the night vibe, but it would also work in the middle of a DJ set as something to create a blissed-out dance floor moment.

“Drop of Oil” is an interesting track, as it’s got a very timeless sound that could also be described as retro or old school. Trippy foreign language vocals create a sense of mystery while the quirky melody and funky bassline add intricacy. Its busy percussion adds to the groove, which at times feels a little cluttered, but on a whole, it’s a cool track with a lot of personality.

“Syriana” is the EP’s title track, and it’s got a moody vibe with flowing percussion and a murky aesthetic with a captivating vocal talking about faith. Its fast-flowing percussion and eerie pads create an intense atmosphere that gives it a deep and hypnotic groove.

Edit Select remixes the title track “Syriana” and it’s a break away from his usual peak time style of aggressive techno. It strips back much of the original’s parts and used industrial percussion sounds and pads washed in reverb to create a post-apocalyptic landscape of sound.

You can find the release on Beatport from HERE.