1605 is one of the world’s leading techno record labels and it runs a four-track various artist series called Desiderati 4.

Desiderati 4 seems to be a testing ground for artists that might get solo releases and the series was the first time 1605 featured imprint staples such as Mha iri and Sam WOLFE.

Heerhorst is the only artist on this release to have previously worked with 1605, the other three track creators are all making their debut.

Danny Avila is a Spanish artist who leads the charge to open the release with his track “Atlantis”. He is a successful DJ who recently started releasing music and it seems likely that we might hear more from him on 1605 in the future. Atlantis has a plucked synth line playing the lead melody and an ethereal breakdown that contrasts with the hard-hitting percussion of the main sections.

Heerhorst’s “XTC” follows the familiar 1605 formula with oversized drums and mammoth synth lines creating a monstrous sound that slams out the speakers. The chanting vocals and haunting pads add epic atmosphere that adds the already cavernous sound of this track.

Novem Vivit is a German artist living in America and he is making a 1605 debut following music on the likes of Metodi Hristov’s Set About and the Cosmic Boys’ Legend. “Feed Your Soul” has a powerful female vocal and an intense synth line that unfolds with building intensity.

Benjamin Di Bora is the last of the artists on this EP and following releases on The YellowHead’s Reload, he is now joining the 1605 roster. “Mind Body Connection” is a dark and brooding track with rolling sub-bass and rattling hi-hats that sandwich its namesake vocal sample and juddering lead synth.

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