Baikal Nomads is a well-respected organic house record label and their new release presents Cereus and Revibe who are both emerging talents from Denver in the USA.

Cereus and Revibe have collaborated on one of the tracks, and the other is a solo production by Cereus who has also released on Suprematic. Both are new talents, but this is Revibe’s first official release and it’s an impressive debut.

Bolstering the two original tracks are remixes by Veytik, Alex Doering and Timboletti. All of the remix artists come with an impressive list of past achievements. Veytik has worked with other imprints such as Harabe and Cafe De Anatolia. Alex Doering returns to Baikal Nomads after working with the likes of The Purr and trndmsk. Timboletti has featured on labels ranging from Sol Selectas to Stil Vor Talent.

The release opens with the collaborative track “Kula”, which is a light and floaty production with deep chords and a suspenseful breakdown full of spiralling sounds. “Chandra” is second of the original tracks and it’s the solo production by Cereus who has produced an uplifting track filled with pulsating synths and flowing percussion.

Veytik reworks Kula into a dramatically different version with chanting vocals and a mournful melody that he combines with the synth chords from the original to create a downtempo version. Timboletti’s remix of Kula takes a more psychedelic approach with a trippy intro and outro section sandwiching the original’s main synth parts.

Chandra is reworked by Alex Doering whose version has an intro with dystopian undertones that opens into uplifting chords and sweeping pads that form the foundation for a shimmering melody.

You can buy the release here.