Techno fans will already be signed up to the Bunker Record sound and now the bosses themselves come correct with a pair of new tunes that will get whole dance floor moving.  As well as that, the talented Marco Effe and Re:Axis step up with their own remixes. 
Opener Illogical is straight from the Jeff Mills school of techno, with molten melodies dripping down over rooted drums. Its one to get the club in the zone and keep them there, marching to the slick beats. Marco Effe remixes by upping the ante with spinning hi hats and firmer drums. It’s heady and streamlined and perfect for the dead of night. Re:Axis then add their own subtle spin on things and twist your mind inside out.  Last of all, Molecular is a spine tingling dub techno track with real force in the pinging kicks and a sense of serenity in the soulful pads. Its a classy way to end a standout EP. 
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