Boukan Records has proved itself to be one of the most interesting labels out there. It is finding fresh new life in house, and brings a new perspective to the old sound thanks to its worldwide artists an afro tinged percussion and drums. Run by Bamao Yende, it is now making another mark with a 13 track compilation that is a perfect introduction to their sound. 

Bamao Yende is first out of the blocks with Echauffement 1er Kata, a warm house track with bristling beats, hammering kicks and soul infused synths. It’s colourful and sure to pump any party. Fa Mao goes for a truly tropical track with bird calls and Afro chanting and the likes of Muro from Puzupuzu look back to jungle and break beat for inspiration, with whirring percussions and dark bass. 

Overdose is a UK funky style cut with big drums and quirky sound sources all getting you on your toes and Figther Spirits is an urgent track with flurries of hits, sub bass thats all consuming and masterful drum programming. For more traditional but still high impact house check Usss Dub, and the whole thing closes down on a blissed out ambient hip hop cut, Immrtlt Pst Mrtm, that will have you laying back and gazing into the sun, soaking up the rays

All in all, this is a brilliant new release that shows there is plenty of life to be found on house music, you just need to look  in the right places. 

Listen to the premiere of Fatal Walima’s track here: 

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