Blake Strange is an Australian artist who is dropping his dark and atmospheric debut album via the Jannowitz record label.

It’s an interesting release that fuses a combination of original music plus a couple of remixes that are included in the main body of the album rather than separated into their own release.

The remixes are placed in the track order so they add to the flow of the album which is titled ‘Alter Ego’. Mr. Bizz and Mala Ika are the two artists providing the reworked versions and they are melodic interpretations that add some nice variation.

This is the third time that Blake Strange has featured on Jannowitz following an EP, plus a track on a compilation. He has a varied production style and although this album showcases the darker and more driving side of his taste, he has also featured deep and melodic music on labels such as Stil Vor Talent.

Two of the original tracks are collaborations including the title track that was made in conjunction with Jannowitz label owner BOHO, the other is in partnership with Rad.Lez, and the third is a collaboration with Jakob.

In terms of the release itself, it opens with the pulsating bassline and stripped-back groove of “Alter Ego” which sets the tone for what’s to follow, as all of the original tracks share a similar sound. All of them have lots of spacious atmosphere with ominous basslines and tense pads that help create a dystopian atmosphere full of suspense.

Mr. Bizz’s remix of “Push” softens the track and adds euphoric elements to the breakdown to give it an epic sound with an uplifting mood. Mala Ika adds an electro vibe to her remix of “Alter Ego”, which is a little more uplifting than the indie dance style she is best known for, but it still has trademark elements from that style.

There’s a lot to unpack with this release, which is well-produced and impressive for a debut album.

You can pick up a copy of the album HERE.