Meet the Brazilian musician, engineer and music producer whose authenticity shines through

Hello, Yola! How have you been and are feeling today? 

YOLA: Hi! I’m good, what about you guys? A bit anxious… 

Tell us about how you built your music identity. 

Actually, it was nothing thought out and planned… My songs are reflections of my story and my life, good and bad experiences that I went through, that I am going through and projections of the future that my mind keeps creating.

Even though you’re based in São Paulo, Brazil’s concrete jungle, do you feel that the tropicality of your country influences you in some way?

Hmm, I think it may have influenced me when I was younger, I really liked percussion and bands like Olodum, but I don’t see a direct influence on my music, it may be something that’s in my subconscious.

What musical productions are you most proud of?

“Uh, I Know” that came out on Kindisch Music in Berlin.. Its clip is also the material that I’m most proud of, it was on the Get Physical YouTube channel

You bet a lot on audiovisual content to follow your releases, don’t you?

I’ve been working with art direction for over 10 years, it’s what pays my bills, so I’m very concerned about the whole visual universe of the songs. A cool visual experience can translate a lot of the music and awaken sensations in the listener.

And how does this need/urge arises?

Every sound we hear brings back visual memories… I like that and working on the visual aesthetics of each song.

Do you currently feel like you are exactly where you would like to be?

Not really at the moment…

What else is coming up this year that is getting you excited about?

I have 8 songs ready to go and I’m in touch with great labels, let’s see what happens… I wish I could play more live too, maybe someone can book me? It’s not that hard, just listen do my songs and, if you like it, send me a DM on insta or 🙂

Yola is on Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube.