Volen Sentir are one of the most prominent names to grace the world of melodic, progressive house. The duo have been on blistering form, kicking off the year with a very special set live from @ MAGIC FOREST, and then a collaborative effort for ‘Jinx’ alongside Hermanez and Lost Desert.

The duo now have an upcoming collaboration with Gorje Herek, out on 2nd April. We got to speak with them exclusively in our Artist Spotlight series.

How are you, whats good and bad in your world at present?
We are greatful for all our being. Time to time its different, but acceptance is important thing to use. All is good anyway.
You recently shared ‘Jinx’ alongside Hermanez and Lost Desert, tell us more about the collaboration.
We loved orginal as well. A Year ago Gorje Hewek brought an idea to make us rework of that tune. We were happy and inspired about it.  The beauty has come.
What shape is Moscow in right now? any signs of parties coming back?
All the year events were unstoppable almost all the time. A few months all was stopped. But know activity is pretty high and well.
Does the city inspire you in terms of its weather and atmosphere, does that infuse your music with a certain edge?
The city, also outside the city. We’re livening at outskirts. Both sides are inspirational, like everything around.
Was it weird making music but not necessarily having crowds to perform to?
As we told before, in Moscow there were parties almost all the time. Only few month of lockdown were tightly closed. And there was studio time.
How did you both first hook up with All Day I Dream and what was it like working with Lee? does he give feedback and get involved with your music at all?
Gorje Hewek & Izhevski are standing behind the start of our friendship. Lee is fulfilled with love for music. His passion to music involves him to all stuff around All Day I Dream and more.
Why do you like the dreamy house sound – what defines it for you?
Actually, dream house is only one part of VS, we have also mystic parts, space feel and melodic touch with fat and solid groove. All colours of music are important for us.
Tell us about your live stream in Magic Forest – It looked incredible and has almost amassed 1 million views on Youtube so far!
The dream that came true. We’re evolving it on the moment. That’s one of those points, that has to be.
In April you will present the Neunivai EP on Shanti, we’d love to hear more about how Long it has been in production and how excited you are to share the music with everyone?
Neunivai was a new chapter of Volen Sentir. All three tracks has a new feel for us, something that we’ve never use in our tracks. Important thing, every time to write a new story to tell.
What else do you have to share with our readers, any more exciting projects on the horizon?
We are happy to have such a great music lovers as fans. Your are amazing. Can’t wait to see you all over the world!

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