Vander is one of of the standout artists on the move when it comes to house and disco, having released across Stil Vor Talent, The Gardens of Babylon and Art Vibes, he now finds his music out on Disco Tabu. The Dominican Republic-native has had an almighty impact across international-known events like Pleinvress Festival and Untold Festival. We got speaking to the Dutch-based artist to discuss his recent music, touring internationally and a reflection on the crazy times we have experienced since early 2020.

Vander’s ‘Vamos A Bailar’ (inclu. remixes) is out now

How has your Summer been this year?

Hey guys 🙂 My summer’s been great. I’ve been in Miami working with great musicians here, recording material for my upcoming tracks!

Give us a short overview of who you are and what your music is about?

I am a music producer from the Dominican Republic currently living in Amsterdam – my music has a wide range of influences that I’ve been collecting during my life and all the travels I’ve done.

Tell us one of the most inspiring releases you have listened to, why is this?

Difficult one but I think Alone Again by The Weekend produced by Illangelo. The track and the album in general has so many details, it is like every section of the song is a new song. It’s very inspiring for me to check out Illangelos work with The Weekend and get some inspiration there.

You are based in the Netherlands, over the weekend there was a lot of noise and crowds against further restrictions, do you support this for the return of dance music?

Absolutely! For a country that has been established as the home of electronic music around the world, I find it ridiculous how the government has ignored the industry. There is great financial support from the government though, and we have to be grateful about that but to be honest- we just want to go back to work and do what we do best instead of being home. It’s also sad to see that none of the media outlets have said anything about it. Very sad!

What is one of your most proudest moments in electronic music?

Hmm – hard one. I think one of my proudest moments was closing the main stage for The Monastery Festival in 2019, my Corals birthday party in 2020 and all of my releases. Every time I finish a track are my proudest moments as well.

You recently shared a new EP titled Vamos A Bailar, it has an incredible energy and vibe, what has the crowd’s reaction been to it?

It’s been great – I have received messages from friends and fans telling me how much they like it. I’m happy to be spreading joy with it!

Share with us your best opener and closing track, why did you make these selections?

My selection of tracks depends on multiple factors, so its hard to answer – specially for opening because you never know the situation youre opening. I do have some favourites for closing, specially after an intense set of dancing and fire. These are Time- Rebolledo, Sailor and I – Turn Around (AME Remix), Glue – Bicep.

Finally, share two more upcoming artists who we should keep a look out for this year!

Check out: Saudade’s upcoming work. Fiin and Ramiro Rossotti 🙂